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Potential Free Agents List

Abreu    Bobby
Anderson    Garret
Anderson    Marlon
Ankiel    Rick
Backe    Brandon
Baez    Danys
Baldelli    Rocco
Bard    Josh
Batista    Miguel
Bay    Jason
Beckett    Josh
Bedard    Erik
Belliard    Ron
Beltre    Adrian
Benoit    Joaquin
Betancourt    Rafael
Blalock    Hank
Blanco    Henry
Blum    Geoff
Bradford    Chad
Brocail    Doug
Byrd    Marlon
Cabrera    Orlando
Calero    Kiko
Cameron    Mike
Carroll    Jamey
Castro    Ramon
Catalanotto    Frank
Chavez    Endy
Colon    Bartolo
Contreras    Jose
Crawford    Carl
Crede    Joe
Crisp    Coco
Crosby    Bobby
Damon    Johnny
Davis    Doug
Delgado    Carlos
Dellucci    David
DeRosa    Mark
Dotel    Octavio
Dye    Jermaine
Eaton    Adam
Eckstein    David
Erstad    Darin
Escobar    Kelvim
Everett    Adam
Feliz    Pedro
Figgins    Chone
Floyd    Cliff
Franklin    Ryan
Freel    Ryan
Garland    Jon
Giambi    Jason
Giles    Brian
Glaus    Troy
Gload    Ross
Glover    Gary
Gonzalez    Alex
Gonzalez    Mike
Gordon    Tom
Grabow    John
Greene    Khalil
Gregg    Kevin
Griffey Jr.    Ken
Griffey    Ken
Guerrero    Vladimir
Hampton    Mike
Harden    Rich
Hawkins    LaTroy
Herges    Matt
Hernandez    Ramon
Hoffman    Trevor
Holliday    Matt
Hudson    Orlando
Hudson    Tim
Huff    Aubrey
Infante    Omar
Isringhausen    Jason
Iwamura    Akinori
Jenkins    Geoff
Johnson    Nick
Johnson    Randy
Johnson    Reed
Jones    Andruw
Kearns    Austin
Kendall    Jason
Kobayashi    Masahide
Lackey    John
LaRoche    Adam
LaRue    Jason
Lee    Cliff
Looper    Braden
Lopez    Felipe
Lyon    Brandon
Mahay    Ron
Majewski    Gary
  Marquis    Jason
Martinez    Victor
Matsui    Hideki
McDonald    John
Michaels    Jason
Miller    Trever
Millwood    Kevin
Molina    Bengie
Molina    Jose
Mora    Melvin
Nady    Xavier
Oliver    Darren
Olivo    Miguel
Ordonez    Magglio
Padilla    Vincente
Pavano    Carl
Penny    Brad
Percival    Troy
Perez    Odalis
Pettitte    Andy
Pineiro    Joel
Polanco    Placido
Ponson    Sidney
Putz    J.J.
Quinlan    Robb
Ramirez    Manny
Redmond    Mike
Roberts    Dave
Rodney    Fernando
  Sanchez    Duaner
Sanchez    Freddy
Schneider    Brian
Schoeneweis    Scott
Scutaro    Marco
Sheffield    Gary
Smoltz    John
Soriano    Rafael
Stairs    Matt
Sweeney    Mike
Tejada    Miguel
Thome    Jim
Torrealba    Yorvit
Tracy    Chad
Valverde    Jose
Varitek    Jason
Vizcaino    Luis
Wagner    Billy
Walker    Jamie
Washburn    Jarrod
Webb    Brandon
Wellemeyer    Todd
Wilson    Jack
Winn    Randy
Zaun    Gregg

Stat Geek Baseball

Free Agent Tracker 2010 - Example

Cliff Lee, Starting Pitcher, Philadelphia
Josh Beckett

Check out the stats and salary projections below in the example and see what type of info you'll get with Stat Geek Baseball's Free Agent Tracker 2010.  Stay ahead of the game.  Buy Stat Geek Baseball's Free Agent Tracker 2010 Newsletter, which includes Salary Projections and Career Stats for the Potential Free Agents of 2010, now updated with 2009 data.  On Sale Now for only $4.95.
How Much Will It Take to Sign the Potential Free Agents of 2010?
How Many Years?  How Much Money?

What about Cliff Lee, the Cy Young Award winner in the American League in 2008 and traded midseason of 2009 to the Philadelphia Phillies?  Lee has an $9 million team option for 2010, so it's pretty hard to imagine the Phillies not picking up that.  Particularly when you consider the numbers they'd have to pay for Lee in the free agent market.  Stat Geek Baseball's salary projection pegs that at over $16 million in 2010 and $131 million over 7 years in the future, and that's without factoring in Lee's performance in the postseason, which could add around another $1.5 million per year.

The Philadelphia Phillies only took 2 days after their World Series loss to pick up the Option for Lee.  Now their attention will move toward trying to determine, over the next year, whether Lee is worth a long term contract worth over $100 million.
PEVA Player

 32.000 - Fantastic
(MVP/Cy Young Award Canddiate)
20.000 - Great (All League)
15.000 - Very Good (All Star Caliber)
10.000 - Good (Plus Starter)
3.500 - Average Player

Free Agent Tracker 2010 Examples

Name First Year Team Lg Win Save IP ERA Age PEVA
Lee Cliff 2002 CLE AL 0 0 10.3 1.74 24 0.200
Lee Cliff 2003 CLE AL 3 0 52.3 3.61 25 1.509
Lee Cliff 2004 CLE AL 14 0 179.0 5.43 26 7.657
Lee Cliff 2005 CLE AL 18 0 202.0 3.79 27 12.126
Lee Cliff 2006 CLE AL 14 0 200.7 4.40 28 11.176
Lee Cliff 2007 CLE AL 5 0 97.3 6.29 29 1.265
Lee Cliff 2008 CLE AL 22 0 223.3 2.54 30 47.417
Lee Cliff 2009 CLE AL 7 0 152.0 3.14 31 21.227
Lee Cliff 2009 PHI NL 7 0 79.7 3.39 31
Lee Cliff Total 90 0 1196.7 4.07 102.576

Baseball Evaluation
SPRO Contract Projections

7 Years @ $131,132,000

2010 - $16,856,000
2011 - $17,446,000
2012 - $18,057,000

* Note: Player has $9 million Team option with a $1 million Buyout.
Stats reflect regular season numbers.  PEVA yearly numbers include postseason numbers, except for 2009.
Get data for all potential free agents listed to the left.  


Stat Geek Baseball

 2010 Free Agent Tracker


Shibe Park, Philadelphia,
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Red Ruffing Pete Rose Leo Durocher Lefty Grove Ryan Howard

Note: 2009 statistics through October 6, 2009.  Option data source: Cott's Baseball Contracts.

Note: PEVA - Player Rating for Season or Career.  Age - Age reflects player age at the end of the calendar year.

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