Stat Geek Baseball, the Best Ever Book

Stat Geek Baseball,
the Best Ever Book

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fans of the game.
The Best Yankee!
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Baseball Evaluation
and Salary Projections

The salary projections from are the result of over 5,000 hours of research into how baseball statistics and our PEVA player ratings correlate to payroll, and the results in the Salary Projection model are meant to mirror how baseball pays its players.  Buy the 2010 Free Agent Tracker and see just what we're talking about.

PEVA Player

 32.000 - Fantastic
(MVP/Cy Young Award Canddiate)
20.000 - Great (All League)
15.000 - Very Good (All Star Caliber)
10.000 - Good (Plus Starter)
3.500 - Average Player

Stat Geek Baseball $PRO

Stat Geek Baseball, $Pro Salary Projections

Get the unique blend of new and old Baseball Stats and Projections

What You Get

  • Baseball Stats
  • Historic PEVA Ratings by Year and Career
  • Salary Projections for Past and Future Years
  • now updated with new Minimum Salary ($507,500) Factors
  • now updated to reflect changing payroll patterns with new TV deals
Not only are there more unique stats here than you can shake a history stick at, there are stats and projections you can get nowhere else.  Ever heard of PEVA, the Player Rating system developed over 5,000 hours of studying the correlations betwen payroll and performance stats.  It's how baseball really values it's players.  Ever hear of SPRO, the Salary Projection model stat.  That's right, finally a decision model system that can tell you how much your favorite player should be paid, taking into account player experience, free agency, and his performance stats, too.

Salary projections now up to 18.75% higher due to new TV deals and escalation for free agent contracts.  Check out just what that means for your favorite players.

$PRO - 2015 Edition

Now updated with new MLB Minimum Salary ($507,500) and
Maximum SPRO Salary Factors!  3-9-2014

(Includes All Players from 2009-2014 seasons)

309 Pages

$19.95 (On Sale $14.95)

Stat Geek Baseball
$PRO (pdf)

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$PRO Includes
Player Stats, PEVA Player Ratings, Three Year RAVE, EXPEQ data, and Salary Projections for individual seasons and careers for all current players.

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Note: PEVA - Player Rating for Season or Career.  Age - Age reflects player age at the end of the calendar year.

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Note: All Baseball Evaluation Stats were developed by JDP Econ & are the proprietary property of JDP ECON. All rights reserved. If Baseball Evaluation stats are used in articles, etc., please credit
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