The newest book in the Stat Geek Baseball universe.  Published Nov. 2014.
Fields of Gold, Baseball's Best Glove Work

It's what the Best Ever Book was for hitting and pitching, but now a detailed look at the Best Fielders in Baseball History, including best position players for every team, and best overall for every position.


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5 STARS - Carol D
This is a book that chronicles some of the most important fielders in baseball history, and the level of statistics detail is amazing. Really glad I could find this, it is a really great addition for every baseball fan. I loved the different rankings of players and there is quite a lot of different metrics and graphs that are really interesting to study and think about. Highly recommended.

5 STARS - J. Linson
I'm not a stat geek by any means, but I was bought this book because I liked its approach and thought I'd get something out of it even as a casual baseball fan. One of the things I like about the book is that it really eases you into the more complex information, covering the history, basic stats, etc. I learned a lot about the evolution of the glove. There's also some fun trivia facts throw in e.g. the cost of a baseball in in 1896. There's an interesting section on the fielding awards that I really enjoyed. There are a lot of charts, graphs, and images that are laid out nicely, so it doesn't get too confusing once you get into the heavy numbers. Overall, a good read for any baseball fan.

Frank Baker

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Stat Geek Baseball, the Best Ever Book

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Buy one of the most unique books about the best players ever.  The Best Yankee!  The Best Red Sox! The Best of Every Team!

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Fields of Gold, Baseball's Best Glove Work Fields of Gold, Baseball's Best Glove Work
Now Available in Paperback and Ebook
Published November 14, 2014
Paperback 248 pages, List Price $20.95

Just in time for spring training, get the new baseball book, Fields of Gold, Baseball's Best Glove Work, that traces the best fielders in the history of professional baseball from the beginning of the game in 1871 through today. Presented by Stat Geek Baseball and, the book ranks each position player who played 500 games and describes the Top Ten players who patrolled the diamond at each position in baseball history. Also included is a ranking of all Hall of Fame players by Field Value, the Stat Geek Baseball metric for fielding, plus a ranking list for the Top Fielders for every current team, plus a whole lot more. If you've got a baseball fan in your family or are one yourself, or are a sabermetric guru always looking for that next stat idea, then this study of baseball's best fielders through the history of the game may just be right for you.  Press Release

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What's Inside
Introduction An introduction into how fielding has been altered since the days of barehanded play, the advent of the glove, and more plus charts and graphs about how Fielding Percentage, Range Factor, Caught Stealing stats have changed each decade and what that means to grading position players over different eras.
Hall of Fame Players A detailed look at Hall of Fame Players and how they were valued for their fielding alongside the PEVA stats for hitting and pitching.
Glove Work –
Baseball's Career Best by Position
Rankings and information about the best fielders at each position through the history of baseball, including ranks for every player with 500 games played at each position or 1,000 inning pitched for pitchers.

Bid McPhee
Team Gold:
All-Time Best Fielders by Current Franchises
For every current franchise in baseball, get a graphic of the Best Fielding Team plus stats and rankings of the Top Ten at each position, plus a few more team players of interest.  Probably the chapter we like best.  Example below.

Fields of Gold, Team Best Fielders
Fields of Gold –
Gold Gloves and Silver Mitts
A list of the Gold Glove Winners since 1957 plus our metric of who we thought should
have won during that time.  Also includes the Top Silver Mitt player, the top fielder at each position from 1871-1956.

Chapter Index

Chapter 1 -  Introduction
Chapter 2 -  Hall of Fame Players
Chapter 3 -  Glove Work: Baseball's Career Best by Position
Chapter 4 - Team Gold: All-Time Best Fielders by Current Franchises
Chapter 5 - Fields of Gold – Gold Gloves and Silver Mitts

Other Fields of Gold
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Fields of Gold, Baseball's Best Glove Work Includes Lists of the Best Fielders for all positions for
all current franchises, including their former incarnations:

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, Arizona Diamondbacks, Atlanta Braves, Baltimore OriolesBoston Red Sox, Chicago White SoxChicago CubsCincinnati Reds, Cleveland IndiansColorado Rockies, Detroit TigersMiami Marlins,  Kansas City Royals,  Minnesota Twins, Milwaukee Brewers, New York Yankees, New York Mets, Oakland Athletics, Philadelphia Phillies, Pittsburgh Pirates, San Diego Padres, Seattle Mariners, San Francisco Giants, St. Louis Cardinals, Tampa Bay Rays, Texas Rangers, Toronto Blue Jays, Washington Nationals.

Photo Credits Side; Bid McPhee (Library of Congress).
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