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PEVA Shuffle 2013
Preseason Pitching Power Rankings

1. Cincinnati Reds
2. Los Angeles Dodgers
3. Washington Nationals
4. Toronto Blue Jays
5. San Francisco Giants
6. Tampa Bay Rays
7. Detroit Tigers
8. Atlanta Braves
9. LA Angels of Anaheim
10. Arizona Diamondbacks
11. Oaklans A's
12.  Philadelphia Phillies
13. Kansas City Royals
14. Baltimore Orioles
15. Chicago White Sox
16. Texas Rangers
17. New York Yankees
18. St. Louis Cardinals
19. Boston Red Sox
20. San Diego Padres
21. Seattle Mariners
22. Pittsburgh Pirates
23. Cleveland Indians
24. Minnesota Twins
25. Milwaukee Brewers
26. Colorado Rockies
27. New York Mets
28. Chicago Cubs
29. Miami Marlins
30. Houston Astros

Baseball Evaluation

Team Predictions 2013 - Standings

National League
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Stat Geek Baseball Predictions 2012

National League
Wins Loss
National League East
Washington Nationals 93 69
Atlanta Braves 85 77
Philadelphia Phillies 79 83
New York Mets 68 94
Miami Marlins 59 103
National League Central
Cincinnati Reds9963
St. Louis Cardinals 88 74
Pittsburgh Pirates 79 83
Milwaukee Brewers 77 85
Chicago Cubs
67 95
National League West
San Francisco Giants9765
Los Angeles Dodgers ** 93 69
Arizona Diamondbacks ** 89 73
San Diego Padres 79 83
Colorado Rockes 65 97

Wild Card Winner - Los Angeles Dodgers over Arizona Diamondbacks
Note: Team predictions based on relationship of PEVA Shuffle Index - Preseason 2012 to wins and losses.

National League East

Last year, there was a chaning of the guard in the National League East as the Washington Natoinals took the title with the Atlanta Braves second and the Phillies third.  As we look through the transactions of this off season, it seems as if that list could remain the same.  The Shuffle Indiex does not predict whether injuries will recover, so it gives no credence to a resurgence in Philadelphia, something we personally wish for as fans.  We think, from a personal standpoint, that the Phils will be better than what they've shown over the last year and won't be surprised if they reshuffle the shuffle to get to the top.  That will mean good years from players such as Chase Utley, Ryan Howard, and more.  Could happen, but if you look at things on paper, and use last year as your guide, it states that the new guard last year could again be the one this season.  We hope not.

And down south in Miami, well, at least after this season there can't be a fire sale.  Oh, wait a minute, they still have Giancarlo Stanton.  We might have to rethink that.  Can't help but think it's good that Houston went to the American League, cause if they hadn't, the bottom of the National League East and Central would sure have looked bad.

National League Central

The Reds are for real with a pitching staff that, for the most part, goes under the radar.  Well, not including Aroldys Chapman, who usually breaks the radar with those 100 plus heaters.  We think the cast of Votto and Bruce, plus Arroyo, Cueto, Lators, and more will be more than enough to hold off the Cardinals and Brewers.  That is, of course, if neither of them decides at the last minute to add Kyle Lohse to pitching staffs, particularly with the Brewers, that could use a good veteran starter.  We actually think that if Milwaukee did that, they could contend for a wild card.  Without it, they could finish behind the Pirates.

We still think the Pirates are short in the pitching department, at least until those young guns in the pitching roster get out of Triple A, and the Cubs.  Well, they are the Cubs, and it will take Theo a few more years to turn around that car, no matter how much whining from the backseat fans make management wish they could do that right now.

National League West

To us, this looks like the class division of baseball this season, with the last year champs, San Francisco Giants, still at the head of the class.  Best catcher in baseball, one of the best pitching staff, even without Tim Lincecum at his best.  But right behind them, comes the two contenders we think will garner the wild card spots; the Los Angeles Dodgers and Arizona Diamondbacks.  And if Chase Headley can get healthy and come close to repeating his season of last year, the Padres could make a race of it for a wild card spot, too, although they start the season at a significant back seat compared to the top three.

It's gonna be a long year in Colorado, having to play each of those squads nearly twenty times a piece.

American League Predictions 2013
PEVA Power Ranking
Shuffle Index 2013
Fantasy Baseball Cheatsheets
Fantasy Baseball Rankings
Team Playoff Predictions

LA Dodgers over Arizona in WC Playoff

Cincinnati over LA Dodgers
San Francisco over Washington

Cincinnati over San Francisco
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PEVA Shuffle 2013
Preseason Batting Power Rankings

1.    Detroit Tigers
2.    San Francisco Giants
3.    St. Louis Cardinals
4.    LA Angels of Anaheim
5.    Arizona Diamondbacks
6.    Milwaukee Brewers
7.    Cleveland Indians
8.    New York Yankees
9.    Toronto Blue Jays
10.   Pittsburgh Pirates
11.   Washington Nationals
12.   San Diego Padres
13.   Cincinnati Reds
14.   Kansas City Royals
15.   Atlanta Braves
16.   Los Angeles Dodgers
17.   Texas Rangers
18.   Chicago White Sox
19.   Oakland A's
20.   Seattle Mariners
21.   Minnesota Twins
22.   Baltimore Orioles
23.   Tampa Bay Rays
24.   New York Mets
25.   Philadelphia Phillies
26.   Chicago Cubs
27.   Boston Red Sox
28.   Colorado Rockies
29.   Houston Astros
30.   Miami Marlins
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Pitchers 0 1 0 3 0 0 0 1 2 - 7 12 1
Hitters 2 0 0 0 0 3 0 0 2 - 7 12 1
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