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PEVA Shuffle 2013
Preseason Batting Power Rankings

1.    Detroit Tigers
2.    San Francisco Giants
3.    St. Louis Cardinals
4.    LA Angels of Anaheim
5.    Arizona Diamondbacks
6.    Milwaukee Brewers
7.    Cleveland Indians
8.    New York Yankees
9.    Toronto Blue Jays
10.   Pittsburgh Pirates
11.   Washington Nationals
12.   San Diego Padres
13.   Cincinnati Reds
14.   Kansas City Royals
15.   Atlanta Braves
16.   Los Angeles Dodgers
17.   Texas Rangers
18.   Chicago White Sox
19.   Oakland A's
20.   Seattle Mariners
21.   Minnesota Twins
22.   Baltimore Orioles
23.   Tampa Bay Rays
24.   New York Mets
25.   Philadelphia Phillies
26.   Chicago Cubs
27.   Boston Red Sox
28.   Colorado Rockies
29.   Houston Astros
30.   Miami Marlins

PEVA Shuffle 2013
Preseason Pitching Power Rankings

1. Cincinnati Reds
2. Los Angeles Dodgers
3. Washington Nationals
4. Toronto Blue Jays
5. San Francisco Giants
6. Tampa Bay Rays
7. Detroit Tigers
8. Atlanta Braves
9. LA Angels of Anaheim
10. Arizona Diamondbacks
11. Oaklans A's
12.  Philadelphia Phillies
13. Kansas City Royals
14. Baltimore Orioles
15. Chicago White Sox
16. Texas Rangers
17. New York Yankees
18. St. Louis Cardinals
19. Boston Red Sox
20. San Diego Padres
21. Seattle Mariners
22. Pittsburgh Pirates
23. Cleveland Indians
24. Minnesota Twins
25. Milwaukee Brewers
26. Colorado Rockies
27. New York Mets
28. Chicago Cubs
29. Miami Marlins
30. Houston Astros


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Baseball Evaluation

PEVA Power Ranking - Shuffle Index 2013
PEVA Shuffle Ranks - Preseason 2013
As of 3-21-2013

PEVA Shuffle Totals

Team Name Batting Pitching Total
Arizona Diamondbacks 98.722 85.543 184.265
Atlanta Braves 82.788 87.822 170.610
Baltimore Orioles 68.885 76.569 145.454
Boston Red Sox 60.782 63.710 124.493
Chicago White Sox 76.877 74.683 151.560
Chicago Cubs 66.452 34.447 100.899
Cincinnati Reds 88.872 135.150 224.022
Cleveland Indians 95.445 50.122 145.567
Colorado Rockies 53.739 38.913 92.652
Detroit Tigers 127.636 91.636 219.272
Houston Astros 40.725 29.849 70.574
Kansas City Royals 87.075 76.769 163.844
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim 113.412 86.843 200.255
Los Angeles Dodgers 81.044 118.048 199.091
Miami Marlins 40.708 31.616 72.323
Milwaukee Brewers 97.069 43.974 141.043
Minnesota Twins 72.640 49.242 121.881
New York Yankees 95.167 72.367 167.534
New York Mets 67.120 36.125 103.245
Oakland A's 72.761 80.552 153.313
Philadelphia Phillies 67.011 80.174 147.185
Pittsburgh Pirates 94.613 52.563 147.176
San Diego Padres 90.260 57.615 147.876
Seattle Mariners 72.651 57.189 129.840
San Francisco Giants 117.362 98.024 215.385
St. Louis Cardinals 117.114 65.786 182.900
Tampa Bay Rays 68.486 92.450 160.936
Texas Rangers 80.938 74.417 155.354
Toronto Blue Jays 94.654 109.582 204.236
Washington Nationals 90.652 110.019 200.670

Note: PEVA Shuffle Totals include PEVA 2013 totals for all players on 40 man preseason 2012 rosters (as of March 21, 2012).  It includes all players, including those on injured reserve.

More Cool Stuff
PEVA Power Ranking
Shuffle Index 2013
National League Predictions 2013
American League Predictions 2013
2012 Major League Baseball Player Grades
PEVA Player Grade
32.000 - Fantastic
(Cy Young, MVP Candidate)
20.000 - Great
15.000 - All Star Caliber
10.000 - Good
3.500 - Average @ Zazzle

PEVA Shuffle Plus Minus (Compared to Final 2012)

Team Name Total PEVA Batting +/- Pitching +/- Total +/-
Toronto Blue Jays 204.236 16.775 48.081 64.856
Los Angeles Angeles 199.091 7.136 18.450 25.585
Cincinnati Reds 224.022 12.620 8.311 20.931
Kansas City Royals 163.844 2.047 13.758 15.805
Cleveland Indians 145.567 8.151 4.144 12.295
Detroit Tigers 219.272 7.823 -0.950 6.873
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim 200.255 -9.331 10.451 1.120
Boston Red Sox 124.493 -8.131 8.976 0.846
Arizona Diamondbacks 184.265 5.791 -5.177 0.614
Washington Nationals 200.670 0.275 -2.845 -2.571
Oakland A's 153.313 -0.665 -3.045 -3.710
San Diego Padres 147.876 -3.136 -1.653 -4.788
Atlanta Braves 170.610 0.124 -5.355 -5.231
San Francisco Giants 215.385 -8.029 1.492 -6.538
Colorado Rockies 92.652 -5.259 -1.449 -6.708
Pittsburgh Pirates 147.176 -0.825 -7.341 -8.166
Seattle Mariners 129.840 0.787 -13.255 -12.468
Philadelphia Phillies 147.185 -11.663 -2.505 -14.168
Chicago White Sox 151.560 -11.195 -3.988 -15.183
Baltimore Orioles 145.454 -9.067 -7.089 -16.156
Chicago Cubs 100.899 -3.486 -12.710 -16.196
Minnesota Twins 121.881 -18.688 0.630 -18.059
St. Louis Cardinals 182.900 -3.529 -21.630 -25.159
Texas Rangers 155.354 -15.689 -11.606 -27.296
Milwaukee Brewers 141.043 -8.164 -20.061 -28.225
New York Yankees 167.534 -16.012 -12.756 -28.768
Houston Astros 70.574 -10.562 -23.920 -34.482
Tampa Bay Rays 160.936 -12.181 -25.833 -38.014
Miami Marlins 72.323 -27.244 -23.903 -51.148
New York Mets 103.245 -15.056 -38.817 -53.873

Note: PEVA Shuffle Plus Minus numbers represent the increase or decrease between the totals for the Preseason 2013 roster versus the end of season, preliminary, totals of 2012.

PEVA Shuffle Index

March 21, 2013 - This year, more than most in the recent past, it was one or two or three teams that really dominated the hot stove league.  In fact, we likely are not going out on too big a limb to say that it was one, and a surprising one at that, which took the top spot by far.  And, truth be told, if they don't win a division or a playoff series or even get to the World Series, it will be a disappointment.  And that team is, to no one's surprise, the Toronto Blue Jays.

Top Five

1.  Toronto Blue Jays - There wasn't just one move or two or three that makes this so special.  It started out with that blockbuster trade with Miami that brought in Jose Reyes (not someone we like a lot, but he's still good), Josh Johnson, and Mark Buerhle, among others.  It kept going with PED player Melky Cabrera and the signing that is taking a calculated risk that a lot of what he accomplished while on the juice will still be there when it's just orange juice in his morning breakfast routine.  Add in the Cy Young Award winner from the National League, R.A. Dickey, and this team added a total of 64.857 PEVA points over the winter, at least on paper.  Coupled with the downslide, or at least the expected one, of the vaunted Red Sox and Yankees, then you should have that division winner here.  If they don't make the playoffs with these circumstances, it will be, not only a disappointment, but to most baseball experts, a shock.

2.  Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim - Seems like they are on this Top Five list every year, but they're a bit hit and miss on whether these signings add to the bottom line.  With Josh Hamilton at the forefront of their signings this year, and added with the others from the past, we've got to think that this will be one season on the plus side of the ledger.  Add that to the fact that you depleted your main rival, the Texas Rangers, with that one move at the same time, and you should have the NL West winner here, too.

3.  Cincinnati Reds - Last year in the Number 3 spot you had the Miami Marlins.  How did that work out for the Fish?  Not very well.  While it didn't seem as if the Reds were making the same type of off season acquisitions as the Florida crew, the additions of Shin-Shoo Choo to their lineup filled with mashers such as Joey Votto and Jay Bruce, plus a full year of Jonathan Broxton in the pen, will add to the already potent squad.

4.  Kansas City Royals - They wanted to compete this year and they made a big move to get them toward that goal, not wanting to wait any longer for the good young players in their system to mature in dribs and drabs.  So they made the Tampa Bay trade, receiving James Shields and Wade Davis.  But they came at the cost of an uber prospect, Will Myers, that might hurt them down the line.  However, for this off season, it was good enough to land them in the #3 spot on the PEVA Shuffle List.  Only time will tell if it was worth it.

5.  Cleveland Indians - Michael Bourn, speedy centerfielder, and Nick Swisher, consistent and patient hitter.  Both should add to the luster of the lineup.  Just wish they would have added more pitching.  Hey, Kyle Lohse was still out there at the writing of this page; he'd sure look good in Ohio.  Not sure if the addition of Brett Myers is going to be enough to do it without more help.

Bottom Five

26.  New York Yankees - Most of the problems experts see in the Yankees is an aging squad that has been having injury upon injury to all kinds of players, whether they be old stars such as Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter, established stars such as Curtis Granderson and Mark Teixeira, or any number of others.  But there were losses over the winter as well that won't help the Yankees contend.  Nick Swisher has taken his potent bat and personality to Cleveland.  Rafael Soriano is going to ply his ninth inning stuff in the nation's capital.  Raul Ibanez has flown back to Seattle; not sure how many heroics he has left, but he did add them to the Yanks in 2012.  Russell Martin decided that the Allegheny and Monongahela were better fits than the Hudson.  The loss of Swisher is really gonna hurt, at least until Curtis and Mark come back, but it's really odd to see the Yankees in the bottom of the hot stove change rankings.  Oh, austerity, what have you done to the Bronx?

27.  Houston Astros - Geez, we didn't know they had anything of value to lose, but they still managed to shuffle PEVA points to other rosters in minor losses, i.e. relief pitcher Wilton Lopez, plus the mid-year defections of Brett Myers, J.A. Happ, and Wandy Rodriguez, to name several.  It won't matter in this first year of the American League habitat.  They'd have finished in last place without any of them.  Of course, now they might finish in last place in the Eastern League.  Yes, we've downgraded them from the International League of the predicition page.  But it would be interesting to see this squad compete in the Minor League level and see if they could win any one of those.

Tampa Bay Rays - It must be something in the water table of the state where good teams beget sold players, plus low attendance.  Lately, the Rays have been doing things right, and we won't state this time that it will not happen again, particularly in a division so weakened by the woes of the traditional big two.  After the Blue Jays, it wouldn't surprise anyone if Tampa Bay sneaked into second place and Wild Card contention, despite the trades of Shields and Davis and the free agent flight of B.J. Upton.  And even if Will Myers doesn't make a big impact in the show this summer, it eventually will.

29.  Miami Marlins
- You really should have expected that this franchise would spend last year making certain that their off season changes would put them in the Top Five, have it backfire when they won few games with an odd collection of misfit free agents, then hold a fire sale.  It's what they do.  And despite the fact that the people who have run this franchise over the past decade or so seem a bit too schizophrenic to have success.  They have won two World Series in their short history with just this type of mojo.  This time, if it doesn't turn around fast, they've made their only remaining star mad in Giancarlo Stanton.  So this season will be one of a year old stadium, a mad star, and very few wins.  If they get to 65 victories, it will be a very good showing.

New York Mets - Well, you trade a Cy Young hurler in R.A. Dickey to the team at the top of the off season changes and you end up at the bottom of the list.  Now, for the good news.  The catcher they got in the trade, Travis D'Arnaud, might just end up being the next Buster Posey or Mike Piazza, which could go a long way to making Mets fans forget that they lost their best pitcher to a year that wasn't going to see them contend anyway.

Evaluation Scoreboard
Team 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 R H E
Pitchers 0 1 0 3 0 0 0 1 2 - 7 12 1
Hitters 2 0 0 0 0 3 0 0 2 - 7 12 1

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