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Career (Regular Season)
Christy MathewsonWalter Johnson
Greg Maddux - #1 (1986-2008)

From Stat Geek Baseball's, the Best Ever Book

For twenty straight seasons, Greg Maddux won at least fifteen games. He came to the park, usually one with a hitter's pedigree, pitched, gave up few hits, walks, and runs, then won. He led his team to the playoffs most seasons. He struck people out, #10 on the All-Time list, that is likely a shock to some less sabermetric fans of the game. And at the end of the day, that consistency, year after year after year, makes Greg Maddux the number one pitcher in baseball history and the next first ballot pitching entrant into Cooperstown's Hall of Fame.  We're going to admit something here that we likely should not. When the PEVA calculations were first run, done by season first and then totaled, we were surprised by this result. But when we dug deeper into the question, the more we found reasons for Maddux stepping into the spotlight at the pinnacle. Maddux won 355 games for the #8 spot on the career list in a time when pitchers pitched in five man rotations and were removed for closers in tight games. No, he didn't rack up the innings like the men of Cy Young's or Walter Johnson's time, that will likely never happen again due to the evolution of the relief pitcher, but Maddux did what he did in the game he was given.

His ERA + adjusted for park was #31 on the list, and suffered an increase at the end of his career; it's really the only blemish on his record. The other rate stats hold up really well. We shouldn't forget that most of the pitchers who rank higher in ERA or WHIP9 pitched in eras when people did not get lots of hits or score many runs.  Maddux won twenty games only twice, but would have had two more seasons in that league had strike seasons of 1994 and 1995, his best two seasons, not been shortened. In fact, we believe that he would rank higher on other lists if those seasons were given their full credit within baseball history for being among the Top Ten Seasons of All-Time. But we'll stop defending it now, and let you ruminate over the stats below, the string of seasons from 1992 to 1998 that boggle your mind and boggled the hitters, too. And we're perfectly fine with the disagreement some might have, or a personal ranking for Maddux below this statistical one. That's what makes the baseball world go round after all.

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Greg Maddux Career Stats
Year Team Lg W SV IP ERA Age PEVA-P
1986 CHN NL 2 0 31.0 5.52 20 0.492
1987 CHN NL 6 0 155.7 5.61 21 2.470
1988 CHN NL 18 0 249.0 3.18 22 15.180
1989 CHN NL 19 0 238.3 2.95 23 18.870
1990 CHN NL 15 0 237.0 3.46 24 13.693
1991 CHN NL 15 0 263.0 3.35 25 22.395
1992 CHN NL 20 0 268.0 2.18 26 49.969
1993 ATL NL 20 0 267.0 2.36 27 50.920
1994 ATL NL 16 0 202.0 1.56 28 57.974
1995 ATL NL 19 0 209.7 1.63 29 52.118
1996 ATL NL 15 0 245.0 2.72 30 35.136
1997 ATL NL 19 0 232.7 2.20 31 47.132
1998 ATL NL 18 0 251.0 2.22 32 46.792
1999 ATL NL 19 0 219.3 3.57 33 18.052
2000 ATL NL 19 0 249.3 3.00 34 32.027
2001 ATL NL 17 0 233.0 3.05 35 35.904
2002 ATL NL 16 0 199.3 2.62 36 18.307
2003 ATL NL 16 0 218.3 3.96 37 14.031
2004 CHN NL 16 0 212.7 4.02 38 14.915
2005 CHN NL 13 0 225.0 4.24 39 11.578
2006 CHN NL 9 0 136.3 4.69 40 15.846
2006 LAN NL 6 0 73.7 3.30 40
2007 SDN NL 14 0 198.0 4.14 41 13.315
2008 SDN NL 6 0 153.3 3.99 42 7.092
2008 LAN NL 2 0 40.7 5.09 42
Total 355 0 5008.3 3.16 594.209

Note: PEVA-P, Pitching PEVA rating for year.

Top Five Career Pitchers
1. Maddux 2. CYoung  3. Clemens  4. WJohnson 5. RJohnson 

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Grover Cleveland Alexander What is PEVA?
PEVA is the acronym for Stat Geek Baseball's New Player Rating value.  This grade is given to each player and pitcher each season, rating their performance on a peer to peer review.  Six components for pitchers and batters are melded together into the PEVA Rating, which ranges each year from 0.200 to 64.000. For more information on PEVA and the other new Stats, see our Definitions page.  PEVA ratings are available for every pitcher and hitter in baseball history.

PEVA Scale

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10.000 - Very Good
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Photo Credits Top: Cristy Mathewsom, Walter Johnson (LOC).  Bottom: Grover Cleveland Alexander (LOC); Curt Schilling (Wilipedia Commons).

Note: PEVA - Player Rating for Season or Career.  PEVA per Year - Average Player Rating per season.  Seasons include all seasons played with no monimum.

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