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PEVA Shuffle 2010
Preseason Batting Power Rankings

1.    New York Yankees
2.    Boston Red Sox
3.    Minnesota Twins
4.    Philadelphia Phillies
5.    St. Louis Cardinals
6.    Los Angeles Dodgers
7.    Tampa Bay Rays
8.    New York Mets
9.    Colorado Rockies
10.    Milwaukee Brewers
11.    Washington Nationals
12.    Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
13.    San Diego Padres
14.    Atlanta Braves
15.    Florida Marlins
16.    Baltimore Orioles
17.    Seattle Mariners
18.    Toronto Blue Jays
19.    Houston Astros
20.    Detroit Tigers
21.    San Francisco Giants
22.    Arizona Diamondbacks
23.    Kansas City Royals
24.    Cleveland Indians
25.    Cincinnati Reds
26.    Chicago Cubs
27.    Chicago White Sox
28.    Oakland A's
29.    Texas Rangers
30.    Pittsburgh Pirates

PEVA Shuffle 2010
Preseason Pitching Power Rankings

1.    New York Yankees
2.    San Francisco Giants
3.    St. Louis Cardinals
4.    Milwaukee Brewers
5.    Seattle Mariners
6.    Philadelphia Phillies
7.    Detroit Tigers
8.    Minnesota Twins
9.    Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
10.    Los Angeles Dodgers
11.    Boston Red Sox
12.    Colorado Rockies
13.    Kansas City Royals
14.    Arizona Diamondbacks
15.    Tampa Bay Rays
16.    Chicago Cubs
17.    Atlanta Braves
18.    Cincinnati Reds
19.    Oakland A's
20.    Texas Rangers
21.    San Diego Padres
22.    Florida Marlins
23.    Chicago White Sox
24.    Houston Astros
25.    Washington Nationals
26.    Baltimore Orioles
27.    Pittsburgh Pirates
28.    Toronto Blue Jays
29.    New York Mets
30.    Cleveland Indians


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PEVA Power Ranking - Shuffle Index 2010
PEVA Shuffle Ranks - Preseason 2010
As of 3-22-2010

PEVA Shuffle Totals
Team Name Batting Pitching Total
Arizona Diamondbacks 67.322 67.909 135.231
Atlanta Braves 76.145 63.308 139.453
Baltimore Orioles 74.280 44.633 118.913
Boston Red Sox 120.473 72.205 192.678
Chicago White Sox 58.546 55.321 113.867
Chicago Cubs 65.064 65.049 130.113
Cincinnati Reds 65.191 61.365 126.556
Cleveland Indians 65.479 21.853 87.332
Colorado Rockies 91.513 68.520 160.033
Detroit Tigers 69.722 78.947 148.668
Florida Marlins 75.610 58.373 133.983
Houston Astros 70.755 53.906 124.661
Kansas City Royals 66.491 68.418 134.909
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim 83.653 76.580 160.233
Los Angeles Dodgers 96.773 72.371 169.145
Milwaukee Brewers 90.229 94.283 184.512
Minnesota Twins 119.388 78.392 197.779
New York Yankees 127.509 117.288 244.797
New York Mets 94.752 37.582 132.334
Oakland A's 57.237 60.452 117.689
Philadelphia Phillies 117.850 80.723 198.573
Pittsburgh Pirates 50.317 40.465 90.782
San Diego Padres 77.185 58.529 135.713
Seattle Mariners 72.828 88.799 161.628
San Francisco Giants 69.456 100.076 169.531
St. Louis Cardinals 112.600 99.273 211.873
Tampa Bay Rays 95.952 65.797 161.749
Texas Rangers 56.684 59.311 115.995
Toronto Blue Jays 71.994 38.852 110.846
Washington Nationals 86.505 48.082 134.586

Note: PEVA Shuffle Totals include PEVA 2009 totals for all players on 40 man preseason 2010 roster, plus other organization players who played in 2009, as of date

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32.000 - Fantastic
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20.000 - Great
15.000 - All Star Caliber
10.000 - Good
3.500 - Average
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PEVA Shuffle Plus Minus (Compared to Final 2009)
Team Name Total Batting
Arizona Diamondbacks 135.231 5.521 -13.270 -7.749
Atlanta Braves 139.453 -8.716 -40.576 -49.292
Baltimore Orioles 118.913 1.494 7.207 8.701
Boston Red Sox 192.678 17.336 -3.194 14.142
Chicago White Sox 113.867 -2.569 -11.033 -13.602
Chicago Cubs 130.113 0.780 -8.318 -7.538
Cincinnati Reds 126.556 6.359 -3.888 2.471
Cleveland Indians 87.332 -20.403 -20.941 -41.344
Colorado Rockies 160.033 5.952 -15.063 -9.111
Detroit Tigers 148.668 -11.143 -0.747 -11.891
Florida Marlins 133.983 -10.495 -11.472 -21.967
Houston Astros 124.661 -8.916 -6.708 -15.624
Kansas City Royals 134.909 1.398 -4.741 -3.343
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim 160.233 -14.550 12.387 -2.163
Los Angeles Dodgers 169.145 -11.993 -17.571 -29.563
Milwaukee Brewers 184.512 -22.295 31.414 9.119
Minnesota Twins 197.779 10.223 11.143 21.365
New York Yankees 244.797 -5.935 29.070 23.135
New York Mets 132.334 26.501 -11.192 15.309
Oakland A's 117.689 -14.377 -3.986 -18.363
Philadelphia Phillies 198.573 3.816 15.343 19.159
Pittsburgh Pirates 90.782 -14.851 -4.475 -19.326
San Diego Padres 135.713 -8.724 3.244 -5.481
Seattle Mariners 161.628 11.809 10.915 22.725
San Francisco Giants 169.531 8.286 -12.327 -4.042
St. Louis Cardinals 211.873 8.005 -19.497 -11.492
Tampa Bay Rays 161.749 -2.322 7.524 5.202
Texas Rangers 115.995 -14.513 -5.816 -20.329
Toronto Blue Jays 110.846 -30.553 -28.482 -59.035
Washington Nationals 134.586 -1.356 12.413 11.056
Note: PEVA Shuffle Plus Minus numbers represent the increase or decrease between the totals for the Preseason 2010 roster versus the end of season totals of 2009.

PEVA Shuffle Index - Batting Power Rankings

March 24, 2010 - Just what we all needed, but it's certainly possible, when you look at all the additions and subtractions of the offseason Hot Stove league that the Yankees made themselves better.  And they probably did. Then travel across the country to the Pacific Northwest and you'll find a squad that's going to make a whole lot of inroads toward a championship considering their offseason moves, the Seattle Mariners.  It's going to be an interesting season, with some new clubs contending for those postseason spots and a whole lot of same ole with the big clubs.  And it's going to start only ten days from now.  Hold onto those hats!

Who has done the best in the PEVA Shuffle for batters here in the waning days of preseason.

Top Five
1.  New York Mets - How about those Mets?  Now, those batting additions, plus a return to health by the returning players, is going to have to do a whole lot of pounding considering the pitching staff beyond a few notables, but it is those Mets who made the biggest PEVA splash between the end of last season and the beginning of this one.  And yes, it starts with the addition of Jason Bay.  For some reason, Bay is not as highly regarded for his accomplishments as he should.  This is likely because he played all those years for the Pirates with only one high profile season in 2009 with the Red Sox, but his veteran and consistent presence in the middle of the Mets lineup will only make those around him; Reyes, Beltran, Wright, and Delgado better.  36 HR and 119 RBI can do it for you, even though those numbers are likely to drop when going from Fenway to Citi Field.  All in all, his addition, as well as the smaller moves like a full season of Franceour, could add up to 13 wins to their total from the batting side.  Although the offseason from the mound equation could negate most of those gains.

2.  Boston Red Sox - Now you wouldn't think that the squad that lost the major player from above would be able to slide in as #2 with their replacements, but that's just what they did.  With a full season of Victor Martinez and additions such as Marco Scutaro at shortstop, Mike Cameron in the outfield, Adrian Beltre, and Bill Hall, the revamped lineup of the Sox could be worth as much as 8 to 9 additional wins.  Will that be enough to overtake the Yankees, ... we doubt it, but it should put Boston back into the playoff mix.

3.  Seattle Mariners - There's a good feeling going on in Mariner land as Seattle did a good job in the offseason addressing both its pitching and batting woes.  The top of the lineup with Chone Figgins next to Ichiro is a go go recipe in a park where manufacturing runs is at a premium.  His speed ought to add a lot to that equation.  There's probably not enough thunder below them, but nice additions to the mix in Casey Kotchman, Ryan Garko, and Jack Wilson (even though he was overpaid) should add depth to a lineup that needed it.  Oh, and then there's Milton Bradley.  Never sure whether you're going to get the positive baseball player of the nut job, so it's always a gamble, but overall, the additions to the lineup, combined with those on the mound, should add up to fun and wins in Seattle in 2010.

4.  Minnesota Twins - With Joe Nathan going down, it's gonna take the offense to give them better leads, and the additions of Orlando Hudson and Jim Thome should help in that end.  We're not talking about a sea change in offensive output; they were already good.  Additional 10 PEVA in the Shuffle.

5.  San Francisco Giants - They've been looking for punch since a Bonds left the building and we're not talking about a batting juggernaut even now, bu the nice plus players of Mark DeRosa, Aubrey Huff, and a full year of Freddy Sanchez, should add a few more runs to the bottom line.  And a few more is all this great pitching staff might need.

Bottom Five
26.  Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim - Chone Figgins and Vladimir Guerrero is really all that's needed to be said.  Yes, Hideki Matsui was a nice addition, but he's not Chone Figgins and Vladimir Guerrero.
27.  Pittsburgh Pirates - One of these days you have to go from rebuilding to having the house be done.  This is not that year.  Down 14.851 Batting Points.
28.  Cleveland Indians - It's really a shame to think of where the Indians were and where they are today.  Even more of a shame on the pitching side, but when you lose a catcher of the significance of Victor Martinez, it's not good here either.  A loss of over 20 Batting PEVA between the end of 2009 and today.
29.  Milwaukee Brewers - They gave up on a few players over the winter who did not succeed as much as they'd hope with the bat, and focused on pitching additions.  There's still enough at the plate here though, and we're predicting a pretty good year in Brewer nation.
30.  Toronto Blue Jays - They're shedding talent on both sides of the ball like a dog sheds winter fur in the cold Canadian north.  So despite the presence of good young talent like Aaron Hill and Adam Lind, it's gonna be a long year north of the border.

PEVA Shuffle Index - Pitching Power Rankings

March 24, 2010 - There have been a lot of changes and more than a few teams have made their case for better pitching staffs.  So just what was really up with jettisoning Cliff Lee for Roy Halladay and did that make the Phillies staff that much better?  The ups and downs of the PEVA Shuffle Index show just where the table will start to be set once the real games begin.  This index is not a projection, folks, but it is based on the only thing we know for now.  If the year 2010 has player performance like 2009, where do we stand today.

Who has done the best in the PEVA Shuffle for pitchers.

Top Five
1.  Milwaukee Brewers - It may not be as sexy to think of adding Randy Wolf to the staff as making a huge leap in the pitching department, but when healthy, Wolf at least begins to make up for previous losses.  When you throw in nice pitchers such as Doug Davis and LaTroy Hawkins and the hope for strides from the youngsters, the Brewers might have just enough pitching to make a pretty big splash in 2010.

2.  New York Yankees - Just what the world of baseball beyond the Bronx needed, more pitching for the juggernaut batting Yankees.  We know he didn't fare too well there before and might not again, but if Javier Vazquez pitches anywhere near how well he did last year in Atlanta, Katy, don't just bar that door, cement it shut.  The addition of Vazquez could be worth a  good amount of additional wins.

3.  Philadelphia Phillies - We still think it's odd that they bothered to make the swap of Cliff Lee for Roy Halladay, even though we acknowledge that Halladay has been better for long, but the real change here is that one of those pitchers is going to be available for the entire year on this staff.  Upgrade of 15.343 in Pitching PEVA, which could add up to an additional 7 wins or so.  Now if somebody could just explain their bullpen if Brad Lidge does not rebound.

4.  Washington Nationals - There was nowhere to go but up, and even without counting on the Strasburg effect in 2010, they should pitching significantly better in 2010 than 2009 with the addition of Jason Marquis, and castoffs such as Tyler Walker, Logan Kensing, and Sean Burnett added to the mix for a full season.

5.  Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim - You wouldn't think you could lose your best pitcher in John Lackey and make gains, but the Angels should be better on the mound in 2010 with the arms of Joel Pineiro and Scott Kazmir in the rotation.  Now, that's counting on alot of Pineiro repeating his best season of last year, and he might not be able to accomplish that, but on paper, it looks better.  They also added Fernando Rodney to the pen and paid him a lot of money, too much money, to help.  He might help, but not as much as folks think, in our opinion,.

Bottom Five
26.  Los Angeles Dodgers - They keep counting on the young guns of a plus farm system to take up the slack and some year the Kershaw's of the world will do just that.  But they really didn't replace the veteran arms of Randy Wolf this offseason and I'm not too sure what you'll get in Vincente Padilla and his amalgam of talent and inconsistency.
27.  St. Louis Cardinals - Their pitching staff is still really good, but they did lose one of the three studs in Pineiro from 2009, and this will cost them in some way.  Down 19.497 PEVA from the end of the season till now.
28.  Cleveland Indians - Yes, it's a shame.  When you lose two Cy Young Award winners in successive seasons, it's bound to happen.  Some of those youngers better grow up fast or you might not see a whole lot of wins along the shores of Cleveland this season.
29.  Toronto Blue Jays - One less Halladay says it all.
30.  Atlanta Braves - They think they have enough with Tommy Hanson and the other young guns and maybe they do, but the loss of Javier Vazquez in going to be felt until those arms mature into consistent winners. A loss of 40.576 PEVA on the pitching mound from the end of the season in 2009 to the beginning of the season in 2010.

For a list of the PEVA Shuffle Index - Pitcher Power Rankings, see the left column.

Evaluation Scoreboard
Team 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 R H E
Pitchers 0 1 0 3 0 0 0 1 2 - 7 12 1
Hitters 2 0 0 0 0 3 0 0 2 - 7 12 1

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