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PEVA Shuffle 2010
Preseason Batting Power Rankings

1.    New York Yankees
2.    Boston Red Sox
3.    Minnesota Twins
4.    Philadelphia Phillies
5.    St. Louis Cardinals
6.    Los Angeles Dodgers
7.    Tampa Bay Rays
8.    New York Mets
9.    Colorado Rockies
10.    Milwaukee Brewers
11.    Washington Nationals
12.    Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
13.    San Diego Padres
14.    Atlanta Braves
15.    Florida Marlins
16.    Baltimore Orioles
17.    Seattle Mariners
18.    Toronto Blue Jays
19.    Houston Astros
20.    Detroit Tigers
21.    San Francisco Giants
22.    Arizona Diamondbacks
23.    Kansas City Royals
24.    Cleveland Indians
25.    Cincinnati Reds
26.    Chicago Cubs
27.    Chicago White Sox
28.    Oakland A's
29.    Texas Rangers
30.    Pittsburgh Pirates

Baseball Evaluation

Team Predictions 2010 - Standings

American League
Stat Geek Baseball Predictions 2010
National League Predictions 2010

American League
Wins Loss
American League East
New York Yankees 107 55
Boston Red Sox * 93 69
Tampa Bay Rays 85 77
Baltimore Orioles 73 89
Toronto Blue Jays 71 91
American League Central
Minnesota Twins 95 67
Detroit Tigers 81 81
Kansas City Royals 77 85
Chicago White Sox 72 90
Cleveland Indians 64 98
American League West
Seattle Mariners 85 77
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim 84 78
Oakland A's 73 89
Texas Rangers 72 90
Wild Card Winner - Boston Red Sox
Note: Team predictions based on relationship of PEVA Shuffle Index - Preseason 2010 to wins and losses.

American League East
They essentially traded Hideki Matsui and Johnny Damon for Curtis Granderson, Nick Johnson, and Randy Winn, then added an All-Star level pitcher in Javier Vazquez.  Oh, no, the Yankees are probably better in 2010, at least on paper, than in 2009, and they won the World Series then.  This Yankee team has the chance to run away with the division and win close to 110 games.  Probably the only way they don't win 100 is due to injury or disinterest, because this squad is that good.  A pitching rotation of Sabathia, A.J. Burnett, Vazquez, Pettite, and whomever.  A lineup that can bat Nick Swisher ninth if they want.  Add in the fantastic Mariano Rivera in the bullpen, even at his advancing age, and you have the seminal team of the junior circuit.  There are a couple other really good teams in this division in the Red Sox and Rays, but they are significantly behind the Yankee prowess to start the season.  Boston did a good job of retooling the offense by adding Marco Scutaro to play shortstop and Mike Cameron to take over for Jason Bay in the outfield.  That's a decline in production for Cameron, but not by as much as you'd think.  Add in Victor Martinez for a full season to catch, play some first, or DH, and you've got the makings of a squad that can be playoff bound again.  It's odd, but in some way the Rays are taking steps backwards, particularly if their young pitching does not start to be as good as folks think.  However, as much as David Price can be a key to pushing Boston and New York for a playoff spot, it's the offense that should propel Tampa Bay into contention.  Whether this is the last year in the bay for Carl Crawford or not, when he, Evan Longoria, B.J. Upton, and Ben Zobrist swing the bats, it gives the Rays a chance to win almost every day.  Down in Baltimore land, the birds seem to be moving in the right direction with young outfielders Nick Markakis and Adam Jones leading the way, but there's too big a gap between them and the three atop this division to think contention is merely a word in the dictionary.  Bringing in an old warhorse pitcher in Kevin Millwood might help one day out of five, but it just won't be enough to give the faithful in Camden Yards more than pleasure during individual games.  Up north, Toronto is having a fire sale and counting on young talent several years from now.  They'll be on the bottom of the division for several years, it seems, even though many think they have the young pitching to contend a couple seasons from now.

American League Central
We think the Minnesota Twins are so good that the loss of stellar closer Joe Nathan will only be a bump in the road.  It will be a significant bump (if Nathan's production is not replaced, which we think it will be either in house or not.  His value is worth about 7 wins.), but the Twins are head and shoulders above the pack in the American League Central to us, based on pitching depth and an offense that is only beat in the American League by those East powerhouses New York and Boston.  Joe Mauer and his $184 million contract, plus Justin Morneau, Denard Span, Michael Cuddyer, and more could run and hide here, although the closer question will at least give those below them, particularly the Detroit Tigers, an outside chance to surprise.  Detroit is counting on its young pitching, led by Justin Verlander and Rick Porcello, to bring an aging offense into the fore.  There's enough offense to contend here, starting with the young leader Cabrera, but what happens here is as much a referendum of how much Johnny Damon and Magglio Ordonez have left in the tank as anything else.  There's good things happening in Kansas City with Cy Young winner Zach Grienke and young hitters like Billy Butler, but it's just too soon to see more than a movement into the middle of the pack there.  We're not too enamored with what the Chicago White Sox have done in the offseason, but they are a squad who, at least every other year, pulls off a surprise.  Call that the Ozzie factor, I guess.  As for Cleveland.  How do you lose your bearing this far and fast that only two years ago you had a team that looked like they were young enough and good enough to contend for years, to one that has lost almost all of its stars to other teams and could have trouble not losing 100 games.  Grady Sizemore must think he's been left behind enemy lines and is waiting for reinforcements to come.

American League West
The Seattle Mariners have done a fantastic job in the offseason by retooling an offense that needed a new direction and weapons and a pitching staff that needed another great pitcher.  In comes Chone Figgins to get the offense on the go go, and Cliff Lee to help Felix Hernandez lead the way on the mound.  Folks, it looks to us like the Mariners got a great deal in getting Lee, even if for only one year, because it could be the year the Mariners hold off the Angels to win the division.  Despite it's losses, the Angels will still be in contention here, essentially replacing John Lackey with Joel Pineiro in their pitching rotation, and counting on youngsters, plus a Matsui, to overcome the loss of Vlad and Chone.  We don't think they've done enough to stay ahead of the Mariners, however, but it will be close.  I know some people think the A's have made good moves during Hot Stove time and we think so, too.  Just too young to make a season long push.  For Texas, we just don't like this team, outside of the Kinsler and Young led infield. They'll probably win more games than we think, but what we do think is that their success of the last couple years had a lot of mirage in there somewhere.  We think this year the mirage may fade into the Texas sun.

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PEVA Shuffle 2010
Preseason Pitching Power Rankings

1.    New York Yankees
2.    San Francisco Giants
3.    St. Louis Cardinals
4.    Milwaukee Brewers
5.    Seattle Mariners
6.    Philadelphia Phillies
7.    Detroit Tigers
8.    Minnesota Twins
9.    Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
10.    Los Angeles Dodgers
11.    Boston Red Sox
12.    Colorado Rockies
13.    Kansas City Royals
14.    Arizona Diamondbacks
15.    Tampa Bay Rays
16.    Chicago Cubs
17.    Atlanta Braves
18.    Cincinnati Reds
19.    Oakland A's
20.    Texas Rangers
21.    San Diego Padres
22.    Florida Marlins
23.    Chicago White Sox
24.    Houston Astros
25.    Washington Nationals
26.    Baltimore Orioles
27.    Pittsburgh Pirates
28.    Toronto Blue Jays
29.    New York Mets
30.    Cleveland Indians
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