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PEVA Shuffle 2011
Preseason Batting Power Rankings

1.    New York Yankees
2.    Cincinnati Reds
3.    St. Louis Cardinals
4.    Texas Rangers
5.    Milwaukee Brewers
6.    Detroit Tigers
7.    Boston Red Sox
8.    Chicago White Sox
9.    Minnesota Twins
10.   Atlanta Braves
11.    Baltimore Orioles
12.    Washington Nationals
13.    San Francisco Giants
14.    Los Angeles Dodgers
15.   Arizona Diamondbacks
16.    Tampa Bay Rays
17.    Philadelphia Phillies
18.    Oakland A's
19.    Colorado Rockies
20.    LA Angels of Anaheim
21.    Toronto Blue Jays
22.    New York Mets
23.    Cleveland Indians
24.    Chicago Cubs
25.    Pittsburgh Pirates
26.    San Diego Padres
27.    Houston Astros
28.    Seattle Mariners
29.    Kansas City Royas
30.    Florida Marlins

PEVA Shuffle 2011
Preseason Pitching Power Rankings

1.    Philadelphia Phillies
2.    San Francisco Giants
3.    St. Louis Cardinals*
4.    Los Angeles Dodgers
5.    Atlanta Braves
6.    Oakland A's
7.    New York Yankees
8.    Florida Marlins
9.    Boston Red Sox
10.    Texas Rangers
11.    San Diego Padres
12.    Colorado Rockies
13.    LA Angels of Anaheim
14.   Chicago Cubs
15.    Milwaukee Brewers
16.    Detroit Tigers
17.    Minnesota Twins
18.    New York Mets
19.    Chicago White Sox
20.    Seattle Mariners
21.    Tampa Bay Rays
22.    Houston Astros
23.    Cincinnati Reds
24.    Arizona Diamondbacks
25.    Washington Nationsls
26.    Baltimore Orioles
27.    Cleveland Indians
28.    Toronto Blue Jays
29.    Pittsburgh Pirates
30.    Cleveland Indians

* The injury to Adam Wainwright would drop St. Louis to #16.


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Baseball Evaluation

PEVA Power Ranking - Shuffle Index 2011
PEVA Shuffle Ranks - Preseason 2011
As of 3-15-2011

PEVA Shuffle Totals

Team Name Batting Pitching Total
Arizona Diamondbacks 77.008 45.218 122.226
Atlanta Braves 86.403 81.853 168.256
Baltimore Orioles 85.207 40.637 125.844
Boston Red Sox 100.726 74.709 175.435
Chicago White Sox 97.306 56.476 153.782
Chicago Cubs 63.160 67.904 131.064
Cincinnati Reds 116.478 46.439 162.917
Cleveland Indians 64.455 40.129 104.584
Colorado Rockies 73.489 73.493 146.982
Detroit Tigers 103.085 60.626 163.711
Florida Marlins 52.646 79.213 131.859
Houston Astros 57.173 48.653 105.826
Kansas City Royals 53.716 34.321 88.037
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim 71.602 72.498 144.100
Los Angeles Dodgers 78.059 89.366 167.425
Milwaukee Brewers 107.409 63.664 171.073
Minnesota Twins 87.107 60.030 147.137
New York Yankees 121.410 80.082 201.492
New York Mets 67.364 59.532 126.896
Oakland A's 74.235 80.419 154.654
Philadelphia Phillies 75.831 129.754 205.585
Pittsburgh Pirates 61.867 27.750 89.617
San Diego Padres 57.659 73.743 131.402
Seattle Mariners 55.838 51.834 107.672
San Francisco Giants 83.841 98.840 182.681
St. Louis Cardinals 110.789 61.413 172.202
Tampa Bay Rays 75.989 50.459 126.448
Texas Rangers 107.931 74.236 182.167
Toronto Blue Jays 69.676 38.745 108.421
Washington Nationals 84.763 42.899 127.662

Note: PEVA Shuffle Totals include PEVA 2010 totals for all players on 40 man preseason 2011 rosters.  It includes all players, including those on injured reserve.  For example, Adam Wainwright is included in the totals above.  Without him, the St. Louis Cardinals total PEVA Preseason shuffle ranking would drop to 171.368.

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Shuffle Index 2011
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2010 Major League Baseball Player Grades
PEVA Player Grade
32.000 - Fantastic
(Cy Young, MVP Candidate)
20.000 - Great
15.000 - All Star Caliber
10.000 - Good
3.500 - Average @ Zazzle

PEVA Shuffle Plus Minus (Compared to Final 2010)

Team Name Total
Batting +/- Pitching +/- Total +/-
Arizona Diamondbacks 122.226 -6.613 -2.907 -9.520
Atlanta Braves 168.256 -1.010 -5.205 -6.215
Baltimore Orioles 125.844 16.730 -4.230 12.501
Boston Red Sox 175.435 10.448 1.479 11.927
Chicago White Sox 153.782 9.455 -8.017 1.438
Chicago Cubs 131.064 -3.790 0.619 -3.172
Cincinnati Reds 162.917 -4.142 -8.938 -13.081
Cleveland Indians 104.584 -4.468 -7.606 -12.074
Colorado Rockies 146.982 -2.618 -3.796 -6.414
Detroit Tigers 163.711 6.688 -1.276 5.412
Florida Marlins 131.859 -20.779 5.587 -15.192
Houston Astros 105.826 -3.714 -17.393 -21.107
Kansas City Royals 88.037 -13.520 -13.542 -27.062
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim 144.100 0.013 9.377 9.390
Los Angeles Dodgers 167.425 -1.195 21.898 20.703
Milwaukee Brewers 171.073 -2.926 14.303 11.377
Minnesota Twins 147.137 -11.315 -9.842 -21.157
New York Yankees 201.492 2.073 5.110 7.183
New York Mets 126.896 -7.476 -8.042 -15.518
Oakland A's 154.654 8.135 3.954 12.089
Philadelphia Phillies 205.585 -23.700 29.057 5.357
Pittsburgh Pirates 89.617 1.899 -9.942 -8.044
San Diego Padres 131.402 -25.137 -19.514 -44.651
Seattle Mariners 107.672 -0.419 -15.495 -15.915
San Francisco Giants 182.681 3.872 5.841 9.712
St. Louis Cardinals 172.202 -4.770 -35.716 -40.485
Tampa Bay Rays 126.448 -25.367 -32.932 -58.299
Texas Rangers 182.167 11.735 -10.969 0.766
Toronto Blue Jays 108.421 -28.966 -20.189 -49.155
Washington Nationals 127.662 2.345 -12.023 -9.678

Note: PEVA Shuffle Plus Minus numbers represent the increase or decrease between the totals for the Preseason 2011 roster versus the end of season totals of 2010.

PEVA Shuffle Index - Batting Power Rankings

March 15, 2011 - The Hot Stove league is behind us and preseason games are about to give way to the regular season.  And then we'll know, won't we.  Just who did the best job of the offseason and shuffled their lineup into a juggernaut, or not.  And it's funny.  With all the yammer about that great pitching rotation in Philadelphia, or that great team in St. Louis that just lost the second best pitcher of last season, or about those Yanks and Sox, the team that may have made the best overall splash of the offseason, but did it very quietly, was the Los Angeles Dodgers.  Hmmm.  I wonder if that'll mean those Dodger blue will contend with their Giant foes for the title this year.  But we're getting ahead of ourselves, or at least diving into the overall effect pool, so before we go too far afied, let's get back to the topic at hand.   Who has done the best offseason job in the PEVA Shuffle index for batters.  Well, it's another blast from the past team, ... those Baltimore Orioles.

Top Five
1.  Baltimore Orioles - No, Cal isn't coming back to play, but somehow, this squad has done a pretty nice job of adding productive offseason players this year.  Yes, they're a bit gimpy, ... see Vladimir Guerrero, and Derrick Lee, but they are a whole lot better than what was there last season, and those two old warhorses look pretty good surrounded by the up and coming young stars of Nick Markakis and Adam Jones.  Never really heard about them, ... well, we get the feeling that you will.  And let's not forget Mark Reynolds coming over from Arizona.  Yes, he'll strick out alot, and that can be a problem.  But he's gonna hit a bunch of homers out of Camden Yards and make for some interesting games.  Unfortunately for Oriole fans, the pitching staff didn't make as many strides, so you might be looking at football scores, but it will be interesting.

2.  Texas Rangers - Geez, the club that lost Vlad comes in at number #2.  What's up with that!  Well, what's up is that even though they made that subtraction, they added three bats with solid credentials. One big stick in Adrian Beltre, and a couple smaller ones in Mike Napoli and Yorvit Torrealba.  Now we're not big fans of Adrian, but maybe that's not us, and we'll have to see whether this second big contract, and a hitter's park, will work out better than the first one in a pitcher's park.  But for now, he's the big part of why the Texas Rangers have made the #2 spot on this shuffle list.

3.  Boston Red Sox - Not alot to say about this.  Pretty simple really.  Adrian Gonzalez and Carl Crawford.  Enough said.

4.  Chicago White Sox - For some reason we think the White Sox got the best of free agency when they signed Adam Dunn.  No, he's not a gazelle anywhere in the field, but he's one of the most consistent power hitters in the game who's not considered great, and added to the power already on the south side, we think the White Sox are gonna contend for the Central title with Detroit and Minnesota all year long.

5.  Oakland A's - No big time moves for the moneyball crowd, but the additions of David DeJesus, Josh Willingham, and and Hideki Matsui will provide a better offense for those good young pitchers to pitch behind.  Don't be surprised if they contend, although they may fall just short in the end.

Bottom Five
26.  Florida Marlins - Dan Uggla can hit, and now he's doing it in Atlanta.  And I'm sorry, but super sub Omar Infante is not an All-Star caliber player.  Yes, they're not gonna be counting on him to carry them, that'll be up to the young guns liks Mike Stanton, but as far as experienced major leaguers, the Marlins took a step back.  But they're used to it.

27.  Philadelphia Phillies - Focused on pitching by adding Cliff Lee and losing Jason Werth gets you into this bottom five.

28.  San Diego Padres - Any team that loses Adrian Gonzalez is gonna take a hit.

29.  Tampa Bay Rays - We're having a sale.  They all must go, except Evan Longoria.  And now they're gone, but hey, Tampa Bay has so many draft picks in 2011, they'll be able to field one pretty good team in six years or so.  Hopefully, for Tampa fans, it won't take that long.

30.  Toronto Blue Jays - Second year in a row, they've taken the last spot.  That's no way to run an airline.

PEVA Shuffle Index - Pitching Power Rankings

March 15, 2011 -  It's hard to believe if you're a Philly fan, but the best pitchers in the game want to pitch in your bandbox.  Last year, Roy Halladay helped Philly to the #3 spot in the positive pitching shuffle rankings, and this year it's Cliff Lee who puts them into the top spot.

Who has done the best in the PEVA Shuffle for pitchers.

Top Five
1.  Philadelphia Phillies - Okay, we already stated the primary lead, but let's not forget, lead number #2.  They now also have a full year of Roy Oswalt.

2.  Los Angeles Dodgers - Even though at a lower scale than the Phillies and their two big guns, the Dodgers have quietly added 21.898 PEVA points to the pitching staff (Philadelphia added 29.097).  Jon Garland won 14 games last year; that's not too shabby.  And Ted Lilly will be on staff for the whole year as Oswalt will.  Add to that the minor, but important additions of Matt Guerrier and Blake Hawksworth.  We get the feeling the Dodgers will surprise some folks this season.

3.  Milwaukee Brewers - Zach Grienke won the AL Cy Young in 2009; he's now on staff.  When you add pitching to those boppers, it might be a season of fireworks in Brew Crew land.

4.  Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim - Yes, even though those Angels seem to be in a decreasing mode the last couple years as they missed out on free agent after free agent, and lost some of their own, they made a few nice changes on their pitching staff between the start of last season and this one.  Dan Haren back for a full year and Hisinori Takahashi on board as well.

5.  Florida Marlins - Took some hits on the offensive side of the ball, but with the additions of Randy Choate, Edward Mujica, Dustin Richardson, and Javier Vasquez.  And if Vasquez pitches as well as he usually does in any place not named New York, this positive impact could even be greater.

Bottom Five
26.  Seattle Mariners - The Cliff Lee era of Seattle lasted a very short time, not of it is going to happen in 2011.

27.  Houston Astros - Ditto for Roy Oswalt, although we actually think the addition of J.A. Happ is gonna end up being very good for them.

28.  San Diego Padres - Jon Garland is now pitching north of here, although with this ballpark, we're guessing some of their young pitchers will be able to fill in the gap.

29.  Toronto Blue Jays - Last year, it was their best pitcher, Roy Halladay going south; this year, it was their best pitcher, Shawn Marcum, going west.  Not a good trend in a division that includes Yanks and Sox.

30.  Tampa Bay Rays - Matt Garza and relievers de jeur flying the fish coup.  
Time to wade into the kiddy pool.

For a list of the PEVA Shuffle Index - Pitcher Power Rankings, see the left column.

Evaluation Scoreboard
Team 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 R H E
Pitchers 0 1 0 3 0 0 0 1 2 - 7 12 1
Hitters 2 0 0 0 0 3 0 0 2 - 7 12 1

Shibe Park, Philadelphia,

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