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PEVA Shuffle 2012
Preseason Batting Power Rankings

1.    Detroit Tigers
2.    Boston Red Sox
3.    New York Yankees
4.    LA Angels of Anaheim
5.    St. Louis Cardinals
6.    Milwaukee Brewers
7.    Tampa Bay Rays
8.    Phiuladelphia Phillies
9.    Texas Rangers
10.   Toronto Blue Jays
11.   Miami Marlins
12.   Cincinnati Reds
13.   Los Angeles Dodgers
14.   Arizona Diamondbacks
15.   Baltimore Orioles
16.   Atlanta Braves
17.   Kansas City Royals
18.   Chicago White Sox
19.   Colorado Rockies
20.   Cleveland Indians
21.   San Francisco Giants
22.   Pittsburgh Pirates
23.   San Diego Padres
24.   Washington Nationals
25.   Chicago Cubs
26.   New York Mets
27.   Oakland A's
28.   Seattle Mariners
29.   Minnesota Twins
30.   Houston Astros

PEVA Shuffle 2012
Preseason Pitching
Power Rankings

1. Philadelphia Phillies
2. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
3. Detroit Tigers
4. Arizona Diamondbacks
5. Los Angeles Dodgers
6. New York Yankees
7. San Francisco Giants
8. Milwaukee Brewers
9. Texas Rangers
10. Tampa Bay Rays
11. Washington Nationals
12. St. Louis Cardinals
13. Cincinnati Reds
14. Atlanta Braves
15. Cleveland Indians
16. Toronto Blue Jays
17. Boston Red Sox
18. Miami Marlins
19. Pittsburgh Pirates
20. Colorado Rockies
21. Chicago Cubs
22. Seattle Mariners
23. Kansas City Royals
24. Houston Astros
25. New York Mets
26. Baltimore Orioles
27. San Diego Padres
28. Minnesota Twins
29. Chicago White Sox
30. Oakland A's


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Baseball Evaluation

PEVA Power Ranking - Shuffle Index 2012
PEVA Shuffle Ranks - Preseason 2012
As of 3-15-2012

PEVA Shuffle Totals

Team Name Batting Pitching Total
Arizona Diamondbacks 79.902 105.727 185.629
Atlanta Braves 73.336 69.363 142.669
Baltimore Orioles 79.208 37.209 116.417
Boston Red Sox 121.469 64.843 186.312
Chicago White Sox 70.109 32.384 102.493
Chicago Cubs 52.722 43.284 96.006
Cincinnati Reds 81.769 73.275 155.044
Cleveland Indians 68.807 67.535 136.342
Colorado Rockies 69.464 51.341 120.805
Detroit Tigers 139.889 107.169 247.058
miami Marlins 83.336 64.569 147.905
Houston Astros 33.993 39.126 73.119
Kansas City Royals 71.703 41.753 113.456
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim 107.562 109.981 217.543
Los Angeles Dodgers 80.504 96.691 177.195
Milwaukee Brewers 88.259 81.263 169.522
Minnesota Twins 39.848 36.168 76.016
New York Yankees 111.407 90.780 202.187
New York Mets 45.048 38.916 83.964
Oakland A's 44.423 29.742 74.165
Philadelphia Phillies 86.348 135.817 222.165
Pittsburgh Pirates 63.069 55.942 119.011
San Diego Padres 57.662 36.176 93.838
Seattle Mariners 42.514 42.698 85.212
San Francisco Giants 63.559 87.950 151.509
St. Louis Cardinals 100.321 73.475 173.796
Tampa Bay Rays 87.116 74.968 162.084
Texas Rangers 86.279 75.024 161.303
Toronto Blue Jays 83.768 66.094 149.862
Washington Nationals 57.139 73.932 131.071

Note: PEVA Shuffle Totals include PEVA 2011 totals for all players on 40 man preseason 2012 rosters (as of March 15, 2012).  It includes all players, including those on injured reserve.

More Cool Stuff
PEVA Power Ranking
Shuffle Index 2012
National League Predictions 2012
American League Predictions 2012
2011 Major League Baseball Player Grades
PEVA Player Grade
32.000 - Fantastic
(Cy Young, MVP Candidate)
20.000 - Great
15.000 - All Star Caliber
10.000 - Good
3.500 - Average @ Zazzle

PEVA Shuffle Plus Minus (Compared to Final 2011)

Team Name Total PEVA Batting +/- Pitching +/- Total +/-
Arizona Diamondbacks 185.629 1.470 10.450 11.920
Atlanta Braves 142.699 -3.300 -11.678 -14.978
Baltimore Orioles 116.417 -7.033 -2.613 -9.646
Boston Red Sox 186.312 -2.086 -9.484 -11.570
Chicago White Sox 102.493 -11.171 -21.909 -33.080
Chicago Cubs 96.006 -30.954 -6.069 -37.023
Cincinnati Reds 155.044 -4.469 10.604 6.135
Cleveland Indians 136.342 2.227 10.069 12.296
Colorado Rockies 120.805 -4.098 -7.872 -11.970
Detroit Tigers 247.058 24.185 1.740 25.925
Miami Marlins 147.905 10.101 5.576 15.677
Houston Astros 73.119 -25.007 -6.714 -31.721
Kansas City Royals 113.456 -19.407 -4.069 -23.476
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim 217.543 24.825 19.217 44.042
Los Angeles Dodgers 177.195 -4.771 -1.648 -6.419
Milwaukee Brewers 169.522 -21.273 -4.105 -25.378
Minnesota Twins 76.016 -12.953 -1.497 -14.450
New York Yankees 202.187 2.189 1.978 4.167
New York Mets 83.964 -34.385 -7.467 -41.852
Oakland A's 74.165 -16.673 -35.312 -51.985
Philadelphia Phillies 222.165 7.972 0.263 8.235
Pittsburgh Pirates 119.011 -4.471 1.494 -2.977
San Diego Padres 93.838 0.008 -25.267 -25.259
Seattle Mariners 85.212 -2.592 -15.301 -17.893
San Francisco Giants 151.509 2.335 -4.422 -2.087
St. Louis Cardinals 173.796 -15.011 -2.372 -17.383
Tampa Bay Rays 162.084 -6.595 -0.622 -7.217
Texas Rangers 161.303 -3.127 -17.515 -20.642
Toronto Blue Jays 149.862 -0.029 8.524 8.495
Washington Nationals 131.071 -11.623 12.453 0.830

Note: PEVA Shuffle Plus Minus numbers represent the increase or decrease between the totals for the Preseason 2012 roster versus the end of season totals of 2011.

PEVA Shuffle Index - Batting Power Rankings

March 15, 2012 - It was a hot stove league that really made a few teams look like they'll be great, and at the expense of the bottom half that does not look like they'll contend for years.  But who knows.  Baseball's funny that way.  What seems like a power squad might just not be.  But we think, at least with one of thsese squads, well, more like two or three of these squads, that they will.  And we're pretty doubtful that the Houston Astros will be contending in this, they're final year in the Naitonal League for now.  But the offseason was really dominated by a couple teams, and one of them, the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, took the top spot in the Shuffle Index for both batting and pitching.  That's what adding Albert Pujols and C.J. Wilson will do for you.

Top Five

1.  Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim - It's Albert Pujols.  The best player of the last twenty-five years, and, what might be a career that will land him in the Top Five players of All-Time.  So now he's gonna take those prodigious batting skills and championship banners to the west coast and help the Anaheim squad toward the same lofty goals.  And throw in Chris Iannetta just for fun.  It's gonna be a fun time in Los Angeles this season and with the additions on both sides of the ball, a likely path to playoff baseball and World Series contention.

2.  Detroit Tigers - They got the second of the big boppers when they signed Prince Fielder to that large contract and with a full season of Delmon Young, plus Gerald Laird to help with their catching, the Tigers should be the beast of the central division.

3.  Miami Marlins - We're not as enamored with what the Marlins have done as some other folks.  Chalk that up to not being the biggest Jose Reyes fans in the world.  But that doesn't take away from the fact that their additions make the the #3 squad in the batting shuffle index.  We just get the feeling that Miami, with that great new stadium, might just have added this year's version of Carl Crawford.

4.  Philadelphia Phillies - It will be overshadowed by the injuries to Ryan Howard and Chase Utley, but the addtiion of bench players who will now need to play more such as Jim Thome, Ty Wigginton, Lance Nix, et all, has added to their lineup in the absence of those players.  Won't likely be the difference maker if those players don't come back soon, but with the best pitching staff in baseball, they should contend with these additions.

5.  San Fancisco Giants - Another squad that relies on its pitching, but the addition of Melky Cabrera, at the expense of one of those pitchers, might help the offense a bit.

Bottom Five

26.  Kansas City Royals - They've got a ton of good young players moving into the majors from what many believe is the most talent rich minor league system, so they were willing to depart with players such as Melky Cabrera and watch those youngster play.  But it landed them down here.

27.  Milwaukee Brewers - Lose Prince Fielder, get a spot in the bottom five.

Houston Astros - When you ship your two best players off to contenders in the middle of last season and do nothing much to replace them with, it's pretty hard to do well in the shuffle.  They'll miss Michael Bourn and Hunter Pence and will need to wait for awhile till the young players they got back, i.e. Jonathan Singleton from the Phillies for one, will make it through the minors.  And they'lll be playing the American League by then.

Chicago Cubs - When will Theo mount a winning team.  Not this season.  Although he's bound to get there a whole lot faster than the last group who kept adding players at high cost who weren't as good as their salary.

New York Mets - Goodbye orange brick road.  Goodbye Reyes and Beltran, too.

PEVA Shuffle Index - Pitching Power Rankings

March 15, 2011 -  Let's just give them props up front.  The Angels want to win now.  And the addition of C.J. Wilson from their AL West rivals in Texas certainly goes a significant way toward getting that done.

Who has done the best in the PEVA Shuffle for pitchers.

Top Five

1.  Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim - Yes, Wilson from the Rangers is the main reason, but the addition of well-traveled Latroy Hawkins could help, too.

2.  Washington Nationals - Another young squad that's improving mostly from within, but the addition of Gio Gonzalez from the Billy Beane factory in Oakland has landed them in the #2 Shuffle Index spot for pitching, even as that young minor league pitching develops on its own.

3.  Cincinnati Reds - Mat Latos, Ryan Madson, and Sean Marshall.

4.  Arizona Diamondbacks - They just made that Oakland call and three pitchers came running.  I thought Obama didn't approve the Keystone pipeline.

5.  Cleveland Indians - Willl Derek Lowe really help that much?  We don't know for sure.  But it's a durable arm that's starting to get a bit old and should help as the young pitchers in the rotation round into form.

Bottom Five

26.  Seattle Mariners - The trade of Pineda for Montero to bolster the poor offense cost them an emerging starter and landed them into the bottom five.

27.  Texas Rangers - Will Yu Darvish be able to give Texas the production that C.J. Wilson has over the last several seasons.  It's one of the most interesting questions of the coming season, but for now, since Darvish is an unknown as far as U.S. success, Texas takes a hit on the pitching side.

28.  Chicago White Sox - Some day the rest of baseball will realize that Mark Buehrle was a better pitcher than he was given credit for.  Durable.  Consistent.  The White Sox will likely find out just how good now that he's pitching for Ozzie in Miami.

29.  San Diego Padres - I guess the thought process is that anybody can pitch in that Grand Canyon of a ballpark.

30.  Oakland A's - See Arizona above.  The pipeline from the bay to the desert just keeps on taking the emerging pitchers from the A's and shpping them south when they reach arbitration or free agency.
 And it lands them in the bottom spot in the pitching PEVA Shuffle Index for 2012.

Evaluation Scoreboard
Team 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 R H E
Pitchers 0 1 0 3 0 0 0 1 2 - 7 12 1
Hitters 2 0 0 0 0 3 0 0 2 - 7 12 1

Shibe Park, Philadelphia,

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