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PEVA Shuffle 2011
Preseason Pitching Power Rankings

1. Philadelphia Phillies
2. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
3. Detroit Tigers
4. Arizona Diamondbacks
5. Los Angeles Dodgers
6. New York Yankees
7. San Francisco Giants
8. Milwaukee Brewers
9. Texas Rangers
10. Tampa Bay Rays
11. Washington Nationals
12. St. Louis Cardinals
13. Cincinnati Reds
14. Atlanta Braves
15. Cleveland Indians
16. Toronto Blue Jays
17. Boston Red Sox
18. Miami Marlins
19. Pittsburgh Pirates
20. Colorado Rockies
21. Chicago Cubs
22. Seattle Mariners
23. Kansas City Royals
24. Houston Astros
25. New York Mets
26. Baltimore Orioles
27. San Diego Padres
28. Minnesota Twins
29. Chicago White Sox
30. Oakland A's

Baseball Evaluation

Team Predictions 2012 - Standings

American League
Stat Geek Baseball Predictions 2012

American League
Wins Loss
American League East
New York Yankees 98 64
Boston Red Sox * 93 69
Tampa Bay Rays ** 86 76
Toronto Blue Jays 83 79
Baltimore Orioles 74 88
American League Central
Detroit Tigers 111 51
Cleveland Indians 79 83
Kansas City Royals 73 89
Chicago White Sox 70 92
Minnesota Twins 62 100
American League West
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim 102 60
Texas Rangers ** 86 76
Seattle Mariners 65 97
Oakland A's 62 100
Wild Card Winner - Boston Red Sox, Tampa Bay Rays in 1 game
playoff with the Texas Rangers.  Boston then beating Tampa Bay.
Note: Team predictions based on relationship of PEVA Shuffle Index - Preseason 2012 to wins and losses.

American League East
It looks like a repeat of a whole lot of things in the American League East as the Yankees battle the Red Sox all season long with the Tampa Bay Rays nipping at their heels.  And for awhile at least, we see Toronto adding a fourth team to the mix.  With the addition of that extra wild card spot (something we're not crazy about, even though we don't mind making it harder for the wild card to win the series), both Boston and Tampa Bay might make it.  In fact, we're predicting, and doubtful that it happens, that Tampa Bay and Texas will be playing an addition playoff game to determine who gets to play Boston for the right to advance.  Oh, boy.

I know that leaves out the Baltimore Orioles again.  We like their lineup, with players such as Markakis and Jones there is hope.  But some day they have to find some pitching and we're not talking about the independent leagues.

American League Central
Now we're getting into the territory of what we think are three special teams in baseball going into the season, albeit with one, Philadelphia, battling injuries to productive stars.  The Detoit Tigers could win well over 100 games, although since they sit in a division which they may run away with, there will be little incentive to try and match the 111 wins we're predicting.  So we'll admit, that's unlikely to happen.  But the other teams here with the White Sox not looking nearly as formidable as an opponent, don't look too good.

We think Cleveland has enough young players that they'll be an interesting team to watch.  Same goes for Kansas City.  And in some ways, Minnesota, could be a surprise, if those stars in Morneau and Mauer, can overcome the injuries and lead the Twins again.

But overall, Detroit looks just too good.  Verlander at the top of his game.  Miguel Cabrera with a batting order running mate in Prince Fielder. @ Zazzle
American League West
We haven't given as much credit to the Texas Rangers in the predictions in past seasons only to be wrong.  So this year, when we think of the LA Anaheim Angels as the team to beat, we might just be wrong again.  But we just see Anaheim as making so much progress with Pujols and Wilson adding to the starting staff of Weaver and Haren, that the division should be theirs to lose.  But they might just lose it.  In Seattle and Oakland, they are still building, as seemingly pretty far down the contention line.  Two young players who have our interest, however, are Jesus Montero in Seattle and Mr. Cespedes in Oakland.  Whether they can make a big enough difference to wins and losses is another story.

National League Predictions 2012
PEVA Power Ranking
Shuffle Index 2012
Fantasy Baseball Cheatsheets
Fantasy Baseball Rankings
Team Playoff Predictions
Tampa Bay over Texas for
2nd Wild Card Spot

Boston over Tampa in WC Playoff

Detroit over Boston
LA Anaheim over NY Yankees

Detroit over LA Anaheim
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PEVA Shuffle 2011
Preseason Batting Power Rankings

1.    Detroit Tigers
2.    Boston Red Sox
3.    New York Yankees
4.    LA Angels of Anaheim
5.    St. Louis Cardinals
6.    Milwaukee Brewers
7.    Tampa Bay Rays
8.    Phiuladelphia Phillies
9.    Texas Rangers
10.   Toronto Blue Jays
11.   Miami Marlins
12.   Cincinnati Reds
13.   Los Angeles Dodgers
14.   Arizona Diamondbacks
15.   Baltimore Orioles
16.   Atlanta Braves
17.   Kansas City Royals
18.   Chicago White Sox
19.   Colorado Rockies
20.   Cleveland Indians
21.   San Francisco Giants
22.   Pittsburgh Pirates
23.   San Diego Padres
24.   Washington Nationals
25.   Chicago Cubs
26.   New York Mets
27.   Oakland A's
28.   Seattle Mariners
29.   Minnesota Twins
30.   Houston Astros
Baseball Evaluation, Babe Ruth

Evaluation Scoreboard
Team 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 R H E
Pitchers 0 1 0 3 0 0 0 1 2 - 7 12 1
Hitters 2 0 0 0 0 3 0 0 2 - 7 12 1
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