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Stat Geek Baseball,
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Baseball Evaluation

Player Predictions 2011 - Most Valuable Player Race
Stat Geek Baseball Predictions 2011
Cy Young Award Predictions 2011

Our Predictions - As of 10-3-2011


Who we think should win - Matt Kemp
Who we think will win - Ryan Braun


Who we think should win - Miguel Cabrera
Who we think will win - Miguel Cabrera


1. Matt Kemp, LAN 36.370
2. Miguel Cabrera, DET  34.422
3. Jose Bautista, TOR  30.625
4. Ryan Braun, MIL  27.715
5. Jacoby Ellsbury, BOS  27.547 

Top 40 Batters

Our Preseason Predictions

MVP Race
Projections 2011 HR RBI Ave. PEVA Pro
National League
1. Joey Votto, CIN 43 132 .316 40.510
2. Albert Pujols, SLN 41 120 .324 37.661
3. Ryan Braun, MIL 34 127 .303 28.117
4. Prince Fielder, MIL 39 113 .276 25.014
5. Jayson Werth, WAS 30 90 .302 24.401
6. Matt Holiday, SLN 26 98 .319 23.764
7. Carlos Gonzalez, COL 37 136 .323 21.771
8. Andre Ethier, LAN 29 103 .310 20.248
9. Ryan Zimmerman, WAS 29 99 .309 19.595
10. David Wright, NYN 30 105 .300 19.261
American League
1. Adrian Gonzalez, BOS 40 120 .316 33.963
2. Miguel Cabrera, DET 38 129 .320 32.969
3. Evan Longoria, TBA 30 130 .284 31.563
4. Jose Bautista, TOR 52 121 .254 29.963
5. Shin-Soo Choo, CLE 27 108 .319 28.858
6. Josh Hamilton, TEX 33 105 .359 28.095
7. Robinson Cano, NYA 33 120 .339 26.869
8. Joe Mauer, MIN 16 90 .337 26.635
9. Mark Teixeira, NYA 35 116 .286 24.346
10.  Carl Crawford, BOS 18 88 .307 18.958
Note: Peva Pro predictions for 2011 based on relationship of PEVA 2010, 3 Year RAVE Progression, AgeTrack Progression, and other factors.  Peva Pro projections do not take into account injury status.

Most Valuable Player Race - National League

Take this for whatever it's worth, because last year the two actual winners, Joey Votto and Josh Hamilton, weren't in our Top Ten.  We had done pretty well the year before, with 1 of 2, and the other in 2nd place.  Oh, well, inaxact science, we know, but it won't stop us from sticking our neck out again, now will it.  So for whatever it's worth, here goes, and at the end of the year, we'll see just how well we did again.

Yes, it's mathematic progression, so it's not too hard to see just why the Top Two are where they are in the National League.  But it's a flip for us.  Last year, after the season was done, we were an Albert for MVP guy, and had Votto in second place.  I'd like to say we've seen the error of our ways, but that's giving credit to the progression formulas and has nothing to do with us.

So, yes, it's Votto/Pujols in 2011.  But what I think it interesting is th name midway down the Top Ten pack.  I'm not sure many people think Jasyon Werth is going to go to Washington and have an MVP caliber year.  But if you look at the way Jayson is progressing, you can see that he may just contend for it.  I know, Nationals Park is not Citizens Bank Park, and the players around him, although Ryan Zimmerman is one really good one and a possible MVP candidate himself with the team's gotta be better caveat, are not the caliber of the Phillies lineup, but, what's that saying about nuts.  Now we would have let Werth walk from Philadelphia, too, because of payroll considerations and think his contract is too long, but for 2011, we think, and the numbers point it out, that Werth might be pretty darn good.

Two quick exit points about the National League side of the equation.  One of these years, a Brewer is gonna win one of these, even though the fact that Braun and Fielder split some midwest votes is an impediment.  Plus, Andre Ethier is slowly sneaking up on the type of seasons that get MVP mentions.  But for some reason, us folks on the East Coast don't notice it that much.  Guess he needs a playoff run to cement those thoughts.

Most Valuable Player Race - American League

If you thought Adrian Gonzazlez put up good numbers in that Grand Canyon park they call Petco in San Diego, just wait until you see all those balls going off and over the Green Monster in Boston.  So it comes as no surprise to us that Mr. Gonzalez is the mathmatic PEVA favorite to make an MVP name for himself in Beantown and the American League in 2011.  But it wouldn't be too surprising to anyone that Miguel Cabrera had another fine season, one, which, if his team were better even last year, he might have already won one of these.
Put up another numbers crunching season like last year and have the Tigers win a few more games, and he might just nab one now.

It's gonna be hard for Evan Longoria to put up the numbers we're projecting, because the mates around him are not as good as they once were, but there's still enough down in Tampa land to suggest, think Zobrist and Upton, that RBI opportunities will be there.  What's unlikely, however, is that the team itself will be in playoff contention and suggest to voters that Longoria is the man.  Now for the man one slot below him, Jose Bautista, who had a career year that so far outpaced his norm, it kept raising inevitable questions.  But if he does it again, ... whoa, baby, then we might really have something.

If the Yankees get back in contention and win tons of games this year, it's likely gonna be because the offense helped a whole lot during those games when starters 3 to 5 were on the mound.  And if that's the case, then you're probably gonna be looking toward the younger players on the roster (sorry Mr. Jeter and Mr. Rodriguez) to lead the way.  Robinson Cano showed last year that he was ready to take that mantel; we're predicting another great year from the Great Cano, at 33, 120, 0.339.  Not far behnd him is his mate on the right side of the infield.  Mark Teixeira is putting up a better career than most observers credit him for.  They think he's good, maybe not great.  Add 35, 116, 0.286 to his tally, and you might be edging closer to Cooperstown numbers at the midway point of his career.  Not quite, but close.  And throw in that stellar defense into the equation and you've got a perennial name on the MVP possible list.

Baseball Evaluation, Babe Ruth

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