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Baseball Payrolls

1    New York Yankees    $197,482,289
2    Philadelphia Phillies    $174,538,938
3    Boston Red Sox    $173,186,617
4    Los Angeles Angels    $154,485,166
5    Detroit Tigers    $132,300,000
6    Texas Rangers    $120,510,974
7    Miami Marlins    $118,078,000
8    San Francisco Giants    $117,620,683
9    St. Louis Cardinals    $110,300,862
10    Milwaukee Brewers    $97,653,944

Source: USA Today Salary

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Baseball Evaluation

2012 Team Payroll Value Index

Philadelphia Phillies
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2012 Team Payroll Value Index

Philadelphia Phillies Opening Day Roster

Name Last Team Actual 2012
SPRO 2012
Cliff Lee PHI $21,500,000 $20,000,000 8.100
Roy Halladay PHI $20,000,000 $22,579,000 12.047
Ryan Howard PHI $20,000,000 $16,455,000 6.145
Chase Utley PHI $15,285,714 $12,390,000 8.027
Cole Hamels PHI $15,000,000 $14,486,000 5.143
Jonathan Papelbon PHI $11,000,058 $11,302,000 6.064
Jimmy Rollins PHI $11,000,000 $8,349,000 11.015
Joe Blanton PHI $10,500,000 $4,692,000 7.016
Hunter Pence PHI $10,400,000 $10,787,000 4.156
Shane Victorino PHI $9,500,000 $11,421,000 6.092
Placido Polanco PHI $6,416,666 $5,714,000 13.064
Ty Wigginton PHI $4,000,000 $4,183,000 8.169
Carlos Ruiz PHI $3,700,000 $7,050,000 5.069
Kyle Kendrick PHI $3,585,000 $2,344,000 3.159
Jose Contreras PHI $2,500,000 $1,537,000 8.134
Jim Thome PHI $1,250,000 $5,398,000 19.042
Laynce Nix PHI $1,150,000 $2,761,000 6.070
Chad Qualls PHI $1,150,000 $4,328,000 7.058
Juan Pierre PHI $800,000 $7,402,000 11.056
Brian Schneider PHI $800,000 $850,000 10.125
Pete Orr PHI $600,000 $604,000 4.016
Antonio Bastardo PHI $505,000 $511,000 2.054
David Herndon PHI $495,000 $503,000 1.158
John Mayberry PHI $495,000 $500,000 1.095
Vance Worley PHI $495,000 $497,000 0.152
Mike Martinez PHI $486,500 $484,000 1.000
Michael Stutes PHI $485,000 $492,000 0.157
Justin DeFratus PHI $480,000 $480,000 0.012
Freddy Galvis PHI $480,000 $480,000 0.000
Joe Savery PHI $480,000 $481,000 0.012

Note:  SPRO Salary (Salary Projection, Baseball Evaluation) takes into account Servicer Time, EXPEQ, PEVA, RAVE, and SPRO RAVE.  MLST - Major League Service Time at beginning of season.  Source: Actual Payroll, USA Today Salary Database.

Team Payroll Value Index - 2012

April 23, 2011 - For a team that is a perrennial member of the playoffs, but took a step back in 2011 by not winning their first round, what impact did that have on their Team Payroll Value Index.  Did they step backwards in their ability to pay a reasonable wage to players considered stars.  How do those fabulous pitchers stack up on the payroll value scale?

1) Roy Halladay.  In his second year in Philadelphia, Roy Halladay pitched a second straight Cy Young worthy season, even though he finished second in the voting.  Already ranked in the Best Ever Book as the 7th best pitcher in Philly history.  That's right!  7th after only two years, that's how good Halladay has been.  His SPRO salary is rated at $22,579,000 and they're paying him $20m.  A bit of a bargain, but pretty much in line with salary standards.

2) Cliff Lee.  We'd flip the valuations between the two top pitchers here, with Halladay worth a tad more than Cliff, but the Philadelphia contracts reflect the opposite.  Lee is worth $20,000,000 to the SPRO model, but is being paid at $21,500,000.  Of course, last year the salary was $11m.  Cliff was rated as the 4th best pitcher in baseball last year according to our PEVA ratings.

3)  Cole Hamels.  Signed prior to arbitration, his 4th year in that category, to a $15m one year deal, and worth every penny of it as the SPRO model tags him at $14,486,000, you can expect Cole to get a hefty sum when his extension is signed.  He's probably gonna get north of the Matt Cain numbers of 6 years and $114.5m, but is really about the same pitcher as Cain.

Team Payroll Value Index 2012

For complete salary projections and player ratings for every player in Major League history, get Stat Geek Baseball PRO 2012

Shibe Park, Philadelphia,

Team Payroll Value Index

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PEVA Player Grade
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20.000 - Great
15.000 - All Star Caliber
10.000 - Good
3.500 - Average
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