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Baseball Evaluation

2013 Team Payroll Value Index
2013 Team Payroll Value

Philadelphia Phillies Opening Day Roster

Name Last Team Actual Salary
SPRO Salary
Cliff Lee PHI $25,000,000 $21,370,000 9.100
Cole Hamels PHI $20,500,000 $21,551,000 6.143
Roy Halladay PHI $20,000,000 $18,229,000 13.047
Ryan Howard PHI $20,000,000 $6,434,000 7.145
Chase Utley PHI $15,285,714 $3,936,000 9.027
Jonathan Papelbon PHI $13,000,000 $11,325,000 7.064
Michael Young PHI $13,000,000 $9,390,000 11.134
Jimmy Rollins PHI $11,000,000 $9,201,000 12.015
Mike Adams PHI $5,000,000 $5,920,000 6.019
Carlos Ruiz PHI $5,000,000 $13,415,000 6.069
Kyle Kendrick PHI $4,500,000 $4,068,000 4.159
John Lannan PHI $2,500,000 $3,515,000 4.096
Antonio Bastardo PHI $1,400,000 $1,178,000 3.054
Laynce Nix PHI $1,350,000 $1,849,000 7.070
Humberto Quintero PHI $900,000 $850,000 6.062
Chad Durbin PHI $850,000 $2,469,000 8.102
Kevin Frandsen PHI $850,000 $832,000 3.151
Delmon Young PHI $750,000 $7,562,000 6.034
John Mayberry PHI $517,000 $585,000 2.095
Ben Revere PHI $515,000 $577,000 1.167
Raul Valdes PHI $505,000 $538,000 2.009
Domonic Brown PHI $500,000 $519,000 1.078
Jeremy Horst PHI $497,000 $517,000 0.160
Erik Kratz PHI $496,000 $502,000 0.158
Freddy Galvis PHI $490,000 $496,000 1.000
Phillippe Aumont PHI $490,000 $494,000 0.044

Note:  SPRO Salary (Salary Projection, Baseball Evaluation) takes into account Servicer Time, EXPEQ, PEVA, RAVE, and SPRO RAVE.  MLST - Major League Service Time at beginning of season.  Source: Actual Payroll, USA Today Salary Database.

Team Payroll Value Index - 2013

April 9, 2013 - How are the Phillies spending their money and are they getting bang for the buck.  There was a shift in the habits of this team when new GM Ruben Amaro came on board.  They signed free agent pitchers for a boatload of dough and for a couple years, it paid big dividends.  Is that happening now?  Will it continue in the future?

1) Roy Halladay.  Two straight years of service at a level that was Cy Young worthy, but folllowed by a down year with lost velocity and a bad start to this season.  This is the last year of his contract since the option year tied to incentive and innings pitched won't be reached so it's not a long term problem.  Halladay was worth his contract; we're not sure if he'll be worth it this year, but are hoping it will.

2) Cliff Lee.  He's being paid $25m this year, and he's certainly in the elite class of starters.  We don't like values in that stratosphere, though, and have trouble seeing the worth overall.  That said, SPRO pegs him at $21,370,000 for this season, so it's not way out of line.

3)  Cole Hamels.  Hey, this is what you have to pay an elite pitcher these days so the $20.5m salary for this season is in line with his SPRO of $21.6m.  The test is whether he will continue to pitch at that level for the seasons ahead, something no GM can ever know.  Young enough to do it though.

So where are big problem in the payroll department for Philadelphia.  They are stuck in 25th place in the Value for Money Index at 89.3% after all, just one spot out of the Bottom Five.  Well, to no surprise, it comes from the two injured star infielders who had signed big contracts in the past.  Chase Utley is being paid over $15m, but considering the past two seasons, is worth under $4m at the beginning of the year.  This is the last year of his contract.  Ryan Howard, however, has years to go on a deal paying him $20m this year and rising to the $25m plus level for a number of years in the future.  He's worth $6.4m today after missing half of last season.  But the problem is not what his value is considering the injury, but what it will be after a healthy year.  Think $15m per, not $25m per.

Team Payroll Value Index 2012

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Payroll Value Index 2013
Team Example - Philadelphia
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Baseball Payrolls

1. Yankees    $ 228,835,490
2. Dodgers    $ 216,597,577
3. Phillies    $ 165,385,714
4. Red Sox    $ 150,655,500
5. Tigers    $ 148,414,500
6. Giants    $ 140,264,334
7. Angels    $ 127,896,250
8. White Sox    $ 119,073,277
9.  Blue Jays    $ 117,527,800
10. Cardinals    $ 115,222,086

Source: USA Today Salary
Database (Team Payroll)

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