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Frank Baker

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Best Pitcher Best Player
Best Pitcher Best Player
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Rickey Henderson

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Baseball Evaluation Best Player Awards
Baseball Evaluation's Best Player Awards
TOP PEVA from 1871-1899
Year BE Best Player
National Association
Union Association
Players League*
BE Best Player
National League
BE Best Player
American Association
1871 Ross Barnes (BS1)
1872 Ross Barnes (BS1)
1873 Ross Barnes (BS1)
1874 Cal McVey (BS1)
1875 Cal McVey (BS1)
Ross Barnes (CHN)
Deacon White (BSN)
1878 Orator Shafer (IN1)
1879 Charley Jones (BSN)
1880 Abner Dalrymple (CHN)
1881 Cap Anson (CHN)
1882 Dan Brouthers (BFN) Hick Carpenter (CN2)
1883 Dan Brouthers (BFN) Harry Stovey (PH4)
1884 Fred Dunlap (SLU) King Kelly (CHN) Dave Orr (NY4)
1885 Roger Conner (NY1) Pete Browning (SL2)
1886 Dan Brouthers (DTN) Henry Larken (PH4)
1887 Sam Thompson (DTN) Tip O'Neill (SL4)
1888 Dan Brouthers (DTN) John Reilly (CN2)
1889 Roger Conner (NY1) Harry Stovey (PH4)
1890 Pete Browning (CLP) Mike Tiernan (NY1) Cupid Childs (SR2)
1891 Billy Hamilton (PHI) Dan Brouthers (BS2)
1892 Dan Brouthers (BRO)
1893 Ed Delahanty (PHI)
1894 Hugh Duffy(BSN)
1895 Ed Delahanty (PHI)
1896 Ed Delahanty (PHI)
1897 Ed Delahanty (PHI)
1898 Ed Delahanty (PHI)
1899 Ed Delahanty (PHI)
National Association 1871-5
Union Association 1884
Players League 1890
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