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Rickey Henderson

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Baseball Evaluation Best Player Awards
Baseball Evaluation's Best Player Awards
TOP PEVA from 1950-1999
Year BE Best Player
(American League)
MVP (AL) BE Best Player
(National League)
1950 Yogi Berra (NYA) Phil Rizzuto (NYA) Stan Musial (SLN) Jim Konstanty (PHI)
1951 Ted Williams (BOS) Yogi Berra (NYA) Stan Musial (SLN) Roy Campanella (BRO)
1952 Larry Doby (CLE) Bobby Shantz (PHA) Stan Musial (SLN) Hank Sauer (CHN)
1953 Al Rosen (CLE) Al Rosen (CLE) Eddie Mathews (ML1) Roy Campanella (BRO)
1954 Mickey Mantle (NYA) Yogi Berra (NYA) WIllie Mays (NY1) Willie Mays (NY1)
1955 Mickey Mantle (NYA) Yogi Berra (NYA) WIllie Mays (NY1) Roy Campanella (BRO)
1956 Mickey Mantle (NYA) Mickey Mantle (NYA) Duke Snyder (BRO) Don Newcombe (LAN)
1957 Mickey Mantle (NYA) Mickey Mantle (NYA) WIllie Mays (NY1) Hank Aaron (ML1)
1958 Mickey Mantle (NYA) Jackie Jensen (BOS) WIllie Mays (NY1) Ernie Banks (CHN)
1959 Mickey Mantle (NYA) Nelson Fox (CHA) Hank Aaron (ML1) Ernie Banks (CHN)
1960 Mickey Mantle (NYA) Roger Maris (NYA) Eddie Mathews (ML1) Dick Groat (PIT)
1961 Mickey Mantle (NYA) Roger Maris (NYA) Hank Aaron (ML1) Frank Robinson (CIN)
1962 Mickey Mantle (NYA) Mickey Mantle (NYA) Frank Robinson (CIN) Maury Wills (LAN)
1963 Carl Yazstremski (BOS) Elston Howard (NYA) Hank Aaron (ML1) Sandy Koufax (LAN)
1964 Mickey Mantle (NYA) Brooks Robinson (BAL) WIllie Mays (SFN) Ken Boyer (SLN)
1965 Rocky Colavito (CLE) Zoilo Versailles (MIN) WIllie Mays (SFN) Willie Mays (NY1)
1966 Frank Robinson (BAL) Frank Robinson (BAL) Ron Santo (CHN) Roberto Clemente (PIT)
1967 Carl Yazstremski (BOS) Carl Yazstremski (BOS) Hank Aaron (ATL) Orlando Cepeda (SLN)
1968 Carl Yazstremski (BOS) Dennis McLain (DET) Willie McCovey (SFN) Bob Gibson (SLN)
1969 Reggie Jackson (OAK) Harmon Killebrew (MIN) Willie McCovey (SFN) Willie McCovey (SFN)
1970 Carl Yazstremski (BOS) John Powell (BAL) Willie McCovey (SFN) Johnny Bench (CIN)
1971 Bobby Murcer (NYA) Vida Blue (OAK) Joe Torre (SLN) Joe Torre (SLN)
1972 Dick Allen (CHA) Dick Allen (CHA) Johnny Bench (CIN) Johnny Bench (CIN)
1973 Reggie Jackson (OAK) Reggie Jackson (OAK) Willie Stargell (PIT) Pete Rose (CIN)
1974 Jeff Burroughs (TEX) Jeff Burroughs (TEX) Mike Schmidt (PHI) Steve Garvey (LAN)
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Year BE Best Player
(American League)
MVP (AL) BE Best Player
(National League)
1975 John Mayberry (KCA) Fred Lynn (BOS) Joe Morgan (CIN) Joe Morgan (CIN)
1976 George Brett (KCA) Thurmon Munson (NYA) Joe Morgan (CIN) Joe Morgan (CIN)
1977 Rod Carew (MIN) Rod Carew (MIN) George Foster (CIN) George Foster (CIN)
1978 Jim Rice (BOS) Jim Rice (BOS) Dave Parker (PIT) Dave Parker (PIT)
1979 Fred Lynn (BOS) Don Baylor (CAL) Dave Winfield (SDN) Keith Hernandez (SLN)
Willie Stargell (PIT)
1980 George Brett (KCA) George Brett (KCA) Mike Schmidt (PHI) Mike Schmidt (PHI)
1981 Dwight Evans (BOS) Rollie Fingers (MIL) Mike Schmidt (PHI) Mike Schmidt (PHI)
1982 Robin Yount (ML4) Robin Yount (MIL) Gary Carter (MON) Dale Murphy (ATL)
1983 Cal Ripken, Jr. (BAL) Cal Ripken, Jr. (BAL) Dale Murphy (ATL) Dale Murphy (ATL)
1984 Eddie Murray (BAL) Willie Hernandez (DET) Gary Carter (MON) Ryne Sandberg (CHN)
1985 George Brett (KCA) Don Mattingly (NYA) Dale Murphy (ATL) Willie McGee (SLN)
1986 Don Mattingly (NYA) Roger Clemens (BOS) Mike Schmidt (PHI) Mike Schmidt (PHI)
1987 Wade Boggs (BOS) George Bell (TOR) Dale Murphy (ATL) Andre Dawson (CHN)
1988 Jose Canseco (OAK) Jose Canseco (OAK) Will Clark (SFN) Kirk Gibson (LAN)
1989 Robin Yount (ML4) Robin Yount (MIL) Kevin Mitchell (SFN) Kevin Mitchell (SFN)
1990 Rickey Henderson (OAK) Rickey Henderson (OAK) Barry Bonds (PIT) Barry Bonds (PIT)
1991 Frank Thomas (CHA) Cal Ripken, Jr. (BAL) Barry Bonds (PIT) Terry Pendleton (ATL)
1992 Frank Thomas (CHA) Dennis Eckersley (OAK) Barry Bonds (PIT) Barry Bonds (PIT)
1993 Ken Griffey, Jr. (SEA) Frank Thomas (CHA) Barry Bonds (SFN) Barry Bonds (SFN)
1994 Frank Thomas (CHA) Frank Thomas (CHA) Jeff Bagwell (HOU) Jeff Bagwell (HOU)
1995 Edgar Martinez (SEA) Mo Vaughn (BOS) Barry Bonds (SFN) Barry Larkin (CIN)
1996 Frank Thomas (CHA) Juan Gonzalez (TEX) Barry Bonds (SFN) Ken Caminiti (SDN)
1997 Ken Griffey, Jr. (SEA) Ken Griffey, Jr. (SEA) Mike Piazza (LAN) Larry Walker (COL)
1998 Albert Belle (CLE) Juan Gonzalez (TEX) Mark McGwire (SLN) Sammy Sosa (CHN)
1999 Derek Jeter (NYA) Ivan Rodriguez (TEX) Jeff Bagwell (HOU) Chipper Jones (ATL)
Red Ruffing Pete Rose Leo Durocher Lefty Grove Ryan Howard
Photo Credits Side; Rickey Henderson (Wikipedia Commons); Frank Baker (LOC).

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