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Frank Baker

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Best Pitcher Best Player
Best Pitcher Best Player
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Rickey Henderson

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Baseball Evaluation Best Player Awards
Baseball Evaluation's Best Player Awards
TOP PEVA from 2000-Present
Year BE Best Player
(American League)
MVP (AL) BE Best Player
(National League)
2000 Jason Giambi (OAK) Jason Giambi (OAK) Barry Bonds (SFN) Jeff Kent (SFN)
2001 Jason Giambi (OAK) Ichiro Suzuki (SEA) Barry Bonds (SFN) Barry Bonds (SFN)
2002 Jason Giambi (OAK) Miguel Tejada (OAK) Barry Bonds (SFN) Barry Bonds (SFN)
2003 Carlos Delgado (TOR) Alex Rodriguez (TEX) Albert Pujols (SLN) Barry Bonds (SFN)
2004 Vladimir Guerrero (ANA) Vladimir Guerrero (ANA) Barry Bonds (SFN) Barry Bonds (SFN)
2005 Alex Rodriguez (NYA) Alex Rodriguez (NYA) Albert Pujols (SLN) Albert Pujols (SLN)
2006 David Ortiz (BOS) Justin Morneau (MIN) Albert Pujols (SLN) Ryan Howard (PHI)
2007 Alex Rodriguez (NYA) Alex Rodriguez (NYA) David Wright (NYM) Jimmy Rollins (PHI)
2008 Joe Mauer (MIN) Dustin Pedroia (BOS) Albert Pujols (SLN) Albert Pujols (SLN)
2009 Joe Mauer (MIN) Joe Mauer (MIN) Albert Pujols (SLN) Albert Pujols (SLN)
2010 Miguel Cabrera (DET) Josh Hamilton (TEX) Albert Pujols (SLN) Joey Votto (CIN)
2011 Miguel Cabrera (DET) Justin Verlander (DET) Matt Kemp (LAN) Ryan Braun (MIL)
2012Miguel Cabrera (DET)Miguel Cabrera (DET)Buster Posey (SFN)Buster Posey (SFN)
2013Mike Trout (LAA)Miguel Cabrera (DET)Paul Goldschmidt (ARI)Andrew McCutchen (PIT)
2014Mike Trout (LAA)Mike Trout (LAA)Andrew McCutchen (PIT)Clayton Kershaw (LAN)
Best Pitcher 2000-2014

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