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Baseball Evaluation Best Player Awards
Baseball Evaluation's Best Player Awards
TOP PEVA from 1900-1949
Year BE Best Player
American League
MVP (AL) BE Best Player
National League
MVP (AL) BE Best Player
Federal League
Elmer Flich (PHI)
1901 Nap Lajoie (PHA) Jesse Burkett (SLN)
1902 Ed Delahanty (WS1) Honus Wagner (PIT)
1903 Nap Lajoie (CLE) Jimmy Sheckard (BRO)
1904 Nap Lajoie (CLE) Honus Wagner (PIT)
1905 George Stone (SLA) Honus Wagner (PIT)
1906 George Stone (SLA) Honus Wagner (PIT)
1907 Ty Cobb (DET) Honus Wagner (PIT)
1908 Ty Cobb (DET) Honus Wagner (PIT)
1909 Ty Cobb (DET) Honus Wagner (PIT)
1910 Ty Cobb (DET) Sherry Magee (PHI)
1911 Ty Cobb (DET) Ty Cobb (DET) Frank Schulte (CHN) Frank Schulte (CHN)
1912 Tris Speaker (BOS) Tris Speaker (BOS) Honus Wagner (PIT) Larry Doyle (NY1)
1913 Frank Baker (PHA) Walter Johnson (WAS) Gavvy Cravath (PHI) Jake Daubert (BRO)
1914 Tris Speaker (BOS) Eddie Collins (PHA) George Burns (NY1) Johnny Evers (BSN) Benny Kauff (IND)
1915 Ty Cobb (DET) NO AWARD Gavvy Cravath (PHI) NO AWARD Benny Kauff (IND)
1916 Tris Speaker (BOS) NO AWARD Zach Wheat (BRO) NO AWARD
1917 Ty Cobb (DET) NO AWARD Rogers Hornsby (SLN) NO AWARD
1918 Ty Cobb (DET) NO AWARD Heinie Groh (CIN) NO AWARD
1919 Babe Ruth (NYA) NO AWARD Edd Roush (CIN) NO AWARD
1920 Babe Ruth (NYA) NO AWARD Rogers Hornsby (SLN) NO AWARD
1921 Babe Ruth (NYA) NO AWARD Rogers Hornsby (SLN) NO AWARD
1922 Ken Williams (SLA) George Sisler (SLA) Rogers Hornsby (SLN) NO AWARD
1923 Babe Ruth (NYA) Babe Ruth (NYA) Frankie Frisch (NY1) NO AWARD
1924 Babe Ruth (NYA) Walter Johnson (WAS) Rogers Hornsby (SLN) Dazzy Vance (BRO)
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Year BE Best Player
American League
MVP (AL) BE Best Player
National League
1925 Harry Heilmann (DET) Roger Peckinpaugh (WAS) Rogers Hornsby (SLN) Rogers Hornsby (SLN)
1926 Babe Ruth (NYA) George Burns (CLE) Hack Wilson (CHN) Bob O'Farrell (SLN)
1927 Babe Ruth (NYA) Lou Gehrig (NYA) Rogers Hornsby (NY1) Paul Waner (PIT)
1928 Babe Ruth (NYA) Mickey Cochrane (PHA) Rogers Hornsby (NY1) Jim Bottomley (SLN)
1929 Babe Ruth (NYA) NO AWARD
Rogers Hornsby (CHN) Rogers Hornsby (CHN)
1930 Lou Gehrig (NYA) NO AWARD Hack Wilson (CHN) NO AWARD)
1931 Babe Ruth (NYA) Lefty Grove (PHA) Wally Berger (BSN) Frankie Fritsch (SLN)
1932 Jimmie Foxx (PHA) Jimmie Foxx (PHA) Mel Ott (NY1) Chuck Klein (PHI)
1933 Jimmie Foxx (PHA) Jimmie Foxx (PHA) Chuck Klein (PHI) Carl Hubbell (NY1)
1934 Lou Gehrig (NYA) Mickey Cochrane (DET) Mel Ott (NY1) Dizzy Dean (SLN)
1935 Hank Greenberg (DET) Hank Greenberg (DET) Arky Vaughn (PIT) Gabby Hartnett (CHN)
1936 Lou Gehrig (NYA) Lou Gehrig (NYA) Mel Ott (NY1) Carl Hubbell (NY1)
1937 Lou Gehrig (NYA) Charlie Gehringer (DET) Joe Medwick (SLN) Joe Medwick (SLN)
1938 Jimmie Foxx (BOS) Jimmie Foxx (BOS) Mel Ott (NY1) Ernie Lombardi (CIN)
1939 Joe DiMaggio (NYA) Joe DiMaggio (NYA) Johnny Mize (SLN) Buckiy Walters (CIN)
1940 Hank Greenberg (DET) Hank Greenberg (DET) Johnny Mize (SLN) Frank McCormick (CIN)
1941 Ted Williams (BOS) Joe DiMaggio (NYA) Pete Reiser (BRO) Dolph Camillo (BRO)
1942 Ted Williams (BOS) Joe Gordon (NYA) Mel Ott (NY1) Mort Cooper (SLN)
1943 Charlie Keller (NYA) Spud Chandler (NYA) Stan Musial (SLN) Stan Musial (SLN)
1944 Bob Johnson (BOS) Hal Newhauser (DET) Stan Musial (SLN) Marty Marion (SLN)
1945 Roy Cullenbine (CLE/DET) Hal Newhauser (DET) Tommy Holmes (BSN) Phil Cavaretta (CHN)
1946 Ted Williams (BOS) Ted Williams (BOS) Stan Musial (SLN) Stan Musial (SLN)
1947 Ted Williams (BOS) Joe DiMaggio (NYA) Ralph Kiner (PIT) Bob Elliott (BSN)
1948 Lou Boudreau (CLE) Lou Boudreau (CLE) Stan Musial (SLN) Stan Musial (SLN)
1949 Ted Williams (BOS) Ted Williams (BOS) Stan Musial (SLN) Jackie Robinson (BRO)
Note: *Early award for MVP named the Chalmer Automobile Award from 1911-1914. From 1922-1928 the league made the award. Repeat winners were prohibited.  The Baseball Writer's began their award in 1931.
Red Ruffing Pete Rose Leo Durocher Lefty Grove Ryan Howard
Photo Credits Side; Rickey Henderson (Wikipedia Commons); Frank Baker (LOC).

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