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Walter Johnson

Best Pitcher
Best Player
Best Pitcher Best Player
Best Pitcher Best Player
Best Pitcher Best Player

Christy Mathewson

Baseball Evaluation Best Pitcher Awards
Baseball Evaluation's Best Pitcher Awards
TOP PEVA from 2000-Present

BE Best Pitcher
(American League)
Cy Young (AL) BE Best Pitcher
(National League)

Cy Young (NL)
2000 Pedro Martinez (BOS) Pedro Martinez (BOS) Greg Maddux (ATL) Randy Johnson (ARI)
2001 Mike Mussina (NYA) Roger Clemens (NYA) Randy Johnson (ARI) Randy Johnson (ARI)
2002 Pedro Martinez (BOS) Barry Zito (OAK) Randy Johnson (ARI) Randy Johnson (ARI)
2003 Roy Halladay (TOR) Roy Halladay (TOR) Jason Schmidt (SFN) Erig Gagne (LAN)
2004 Johan Santana (MIN) Johan Santana (MIN) Randy Johnson (ARI) Roger Clemens (HOU)
2005 Johan Santana (MIN) Bartolo Colon (ANA) Chris Carpenter (SLN) Chris Carpenter (SLN)
2006 Johan Santana (MIN) Johan Santana (MIN) Brandon Webb (ARI) Brandon Webb (ARI)
2007 C.C. Sabathia (CLE) C.C. Sabathia (CLE) Jake Peavy (SDN) Jake Peavy (SDN)
2008 Cliff Lee (CLE) Cliff Lee (CLE) C.C. Sabathia (CLE/MIL) Tim Lincecum (SFN)
2009 Zach Greinke (KCA) Zach Grienke (KCA) Tim Lincecum (SFN) Tim Lincecum (SFN)
2010 Felix Hernandez (SEA) Felix Hernandez (SEA) Roy Halladay (PHI) Roy Halladay (PHI)
2011 Justin Verlander (DET) Justin Verlander (DET) Roy Halladay (PHI) Clayton Kershaw (LAN)
2012Justin Verlander (DET)David Price (TBA)R.A. Dickey (NYN)R.A. Dickey (NYN)
2013Max Scherzer (DET)Max Scherzer (DET)Clayton Kershaw (LAN)Clayton Kershaw (LAN)
2014Felix Hernandez (SEA)Corey Kluber (CLE)Clayton Kershaw (LAN)Clayton Kershaw (LAN)
Best Player 2000-2014

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