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AgeTrack Progression 2008-2009

May come as some surprise, but in the AgeTrack Progression of players who played in 2008, a few trends have started to emerge.

PEVA Player Ratings averages increase every year from Age 19 to 29, then remain steady through age 32.

After that, after a trend downwards through age 37, the average begins to rise again.  What this likely says is not that aging does not occur and affect performance, it affects it into retirement.  But those players good enough to remain playing, still perform at a very high level, even through their mid-40s.


Baseball Evaluation, Babe Ruth

Baseball Evaluation

Player Predictions 2009 - Cy Young Race
Stat Geek Baseball Predictions 2009
Most Valuable Player Predictions 2009

Cy Young Race
Projections 2009 W L SV ERA PEVA Pro
National League
1. Tim Licecum, SFN 19 5 0 2.64 37.534
2. Brandon Webb, ARI 25 8 0 3.59 37.491
3. Danny Haren, ARI 19 9 0 3.35 34.947
4. Cole Hamels, PHI 18 8 0 3.30 31.287
5. Johan Santana, NYM 16 9 0 2.87 28.817
6. Derek Lowe, ATL 17 11 0 3.48 25.869
7. Ryan Dempster, CHN 16 7 13 3.85 24.699
8. Ricky Nolasco, FLA 17 7 0 4.54 21.245
9. Chad Billingsley, LAN 19 9 0 3.33 19.849
10. Roy Oswalt, HOU 17 9 0 3.49 19.813
American League
1. Roy Halladay, TOR 18 11 0 3.13 45.650
2. C.C. Sabathia, NYA 19 9 0 3.48 44.627
3. Cliff Lee, CLE 20 6 0 3.94 40.773
4. Ervin Santana, LAA 19 9 0 4.25 26.182
5. James Shields, TBA 19 8 0 3.76 24.057
6. Jonathan Papelbon, BOS 7 3 52 2.18 23.355
7. Jon Lester, BOS 17 6 0 3.94 21.199
8. Joe Saunders, LAA 20 7 0 3.84 19.579
9. Daisuke Matsusaka, BOS 21 5 0 2.77 18.646
10. Josh Beckett, BOS 18 9 0 3.86 18.000
Note: Peva Pro predictions for 2009 based on relationship of PEVA 2008, 3 Year RAVE Progression, AgeTrack Progression, and other factors.

Cy Young Award Race - National League

Will there be a repeat performer from the west coast bay with the powerful arm and new teammate with Cy Young pedigree?  What about a second banana in the desert overcoming his better known colleague for the top prize?  Or could it be a player with a model wife and Dancing With the Stars affinity, plus last year's playoff awards, to take the step forward and claim the pitching prize in the National League in 2009.  The numbers point toward a close race, and a very slight nod, to repeats, but it wouldn't surprise anybody if a Haren or a Hamels jumps past them.

1. Tim Lincecum, SP, SFN - Almost every scout in baseball expected Lincecum to be a great pitcher, but the surprise was, he became that man in 2008.  But there's no reason to expect him to stop now.  With 265 strikeouts and a 2.62 ERA, even if it's in a pitcher's park, the power hurler from San Francisco now even has a Cy Young mentor in Randy Johnson, but of course, has already proven he does not need it.  If Tim puts a second year together that mirrors in any way last year's performance, whoa.  And don't be surprised if he does.

2.  Brandon Webb, SP, ARI - Somebody wake up the neighbors in the desert and tell them the natives are restless.  Oh, not due to a concern about illegal immigration or Mexican sovereignty, but because we still don't think Mr. Webb gets enough credit for his career.  No, he's not gonna strikeout out 265 batters, but will give you 175-200 K, 200 IP, 30-35 Starts, and a whole lot of wins.  With PEVA Player Ratings of 13.770, 11.349, 14.087, 36.142, 35.177, 31.968 since 2003, what more needs to be said.

3. Danny Haren, SP, ARI - Second banana.  Great pitcher.  Last year Haren emerged from the shadows, but perhaps only slightly from a national perspective.  But even with a pitcher on his own staff playing the shadow game, Haren put up numbers with Webb prowess.  Four straight years of over 200 IP point to his durability, and the quality of his pitching now speaks volumes for themselves.

Best of the Rest - Sleeper.  Well, you'd have to have been sleeping through last year's playoffs to miss the work Cole Hamels did for the Phillies, and this is far from an unknown, typical sleeper pick.  We just like him.  And think that he has an uncanny ability to pitch well in big games, overcome a hitter's ballpark, and win.  Remember, last year his 14 wins were well below what they should have been.  The stellar bullpen hiccuped behind Hamels more than anyone else.  If he'd have won 20, we would have been talking about Hamels for Cy Young in 2008.  We think we will be talking about him this year.

Cy Young Award Race - American League

With Sabathia back in the American League, the race for the Cy Young looks like a real doozy.  From Roy north of the border to a Shields in Florida, the arms of the American League will really be throwing a six month race for the best pitcher in the junior circuit.  And lest we think that beantown will not be represented in the race, we think that any of four Red Sox hurlers could win the whole thing.  And wouldn't you know it, we left last year's winner for last, just like most people are doing.  But you know, somehow we don't think Cliff Lee was a fluke.  But we still don't think he'll win.  We think Mr. Halladay will reclaim the crown.

1. Roy Halladay, SP, TOR - 20-11, 2.46 ERA, 246.3 IP and he was overshadowed by Mr. Lee last year and rightfully finished second in the Cy Young race last year.  But we expect that outcome could be reversed in 2009, at least at the top.  Still in his prime at 32 years of age in 2009, there's no reason to think Halladay can't approach last year's numbers that added up to one of the best year's for pitching in baseball history, yet not good enough for Cy.

2.  C.C Sabathia, SP, NYA - Well, his team should win a lot of games and it's doubtful he'll be traded in mid-season like last year, which surely hurt his chances in either Cy Young race.  And while we think that any pitcher who is given a contract in that stratosphere shows a good measure of club insanity, the last two seasons of Sabathia starts have been spectacular. No, he did not win 20 games either year, but this isn't 1970 anymore. We fully expect C.C. to help the Bombers in their quest to unseat Boston and Tampa Bay in the division.

3. Cliff Lee, SP, ARI - Was there a more unsung, and in many ways, disrespected pitching season his baseball history?  Most people think it was a fluke.  Maybe so.  But if that's the case.  What a fluke!  22-3 and a PEVA Player Rating that ranked the 21st best pitching season in history.  Not since Mort Cooper in 1942 did a pitcher pop up with a season that good after a non-stellar former career, and it likely took war year diminution of talent to produce that.  Now Lee had good years before, with double digit wins, yet nothing to suggest his year in 2008.  But until we're told by his stats that this was a fluke, we're just gonna believe that the light came on late, but that it still came on, and he'll be a factor in 2009.

Best of the Rest - Sleeper.  Let's come right out and say it.  The numbers suggest that Jonathan Papelbon could go forward this year and have one of the best seasons for a relief pitcher ever.  We'll believe it when we see it, but if that's true, it would give us one hell of a sleeper in the Cy Young race to talk about.
 He's been adding up his total in saves for the last three years; 35, 37, and 41, respectively, and if the Red Sox win as many games as we think they could, that number could grow substantially, perhaps into KRod territory, with a lot better supporting numbers beneath them.

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PEVA Shuffle 2009
Preseason Batting
Power Rankings

1. Philadelphia Phillies
2. New York Yankees
3. Los Angeles Dodgers
4. New York Mets
5. St. Louis Cardinals
6. Atlanta Braves
7. Chicago Cubs
8. Boston Red Sox
9. Minnesota Twins
10. Baltimore Orioles
11. Oakland A's
12. Tampa Bay Rays
13. Milwaukee Brewers
14. Houston Astros
15. Cleveland Indians
16. Texas Rangers
17. Detroit Tigers
18. San Diego Padres
19. Florida Marlins
20. Washington Nationals
21. Kansas City Royals
22. Toronto Blue Jays
23. Seattle Mariners
24. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
25. Chicago White Sox
26. San Francisco Giants
27. Pittsburgh Pirates
28. Arizona Diamondbacks
29. Colorado Rockies
30. Cincinnati Reds

PEVA Shuffle 2009
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Power Rankings

1. Boston Red Sox
2. New York Yankees
3. New York Mets
4. Toronto Blue Jays
5. Arizona Diamondbacks
6. Cleveland Indians
7. Philadelphia Phillies
8. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
9. Tampa Bay Rays
10. Chicago Cubs
11. San Francisco Giants
12. Chicago White Sox
13. Atlanta Braves
14. Kansas City Royals
15. Los Angeles Dodgers
16. Cincinnati Reds
17. Colorado Rockies
18. Houston Astros
19. Minnesota Twins
20. St. Louis Cardinals
21. Oakland A's
22. Milwaukee Brewers
23. Pittsburgh Pirates
24. Detroit Tigers
25. Washington Nationals
26. Seattle Mariners
27. Florida Marlins
28. San Diego Padres
29. Baltimore Orioles
30. Texas Rangers
Evaluation Scoreboard
Team 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 R H E
Pitchers 0 1 0 3 0 0 0 1 2 - 7 12 1
Hitters 2 0 0 0 0 3 0 0 2 - 7 12 1
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