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AgeTrack Progression 2008-2009

May come as some surprise, but in the AgeTrack Progression of players who played in 2008, a few trends have started to emerge.

PEVA Player Ratings averages increase every year from Age 19 to 29, then remain steady through age 32.

After that, there is a trend downwards through age 37, when the average begins to rise again.  What this likely says is not that aging does not occur and affect performance, it affects it into retirement.  But those players good enough to remain playing, still perform at a very high level, even through their mid-40s.


Baseball Evaluation, Babe Ruth

Baseball Evaluation

Player Predictions 2010 - Most Valuable Player Race
Stat Geek Baseball Predictions 2010
Cy Young Award Predictions 2010

Our Predictions - As of 10-3-2010


Who we think should win - Albert Pujols
Who we think will win - Joey Votto


Who we think should win - Miguel Cabrera
Who we think will win - Miguel Cabrera


1. Albert Pujols, STL 35.225
2. Miguel Cabrera, DET  32.676
3. Jose Bautista, TOR  31.582
4. Joey Votto, CIN  30.658
5.  Adrian Gonzalez, SDN  27.181 

Top 40 Batters

Our Preseason Predictions

MVP Race
Projections 2010 HR RBI Ave. PEVA Pro
National League
1. Prince Fielder, MIL 47 155 .288 40.166
2. Adrian Gonzalez, SDN 41 106 .277 35.936
3. Albert Pujols, SLN 46 132 .335 35.442
4. Ryan Brawn, MIL 36 127 .322 33.099
5. Hanley Ramirez, FLA 28 118 .344 30.648
6. Ryan Howard, PHI 46 141 .278 23.639
7. Ryan Zimmerman, WAS 34 116 .282 22.654
8. Matt Kemp, LAN 27 111 .302 22.649
9. Andre Ethier, LAN 32 111 .283 22.630
10. Jason Werth, PHI 35 96 .275 22.008
American League
1. Joe Mauer, MIN 31 107 .367 34.772
2. Mark Teixeira, NYA 38 119 .309 24.532
3. Evan Longoria, TBA 36 121 .283 24.493
4. Chin-Shoo Choo, CLE 20 90 .300 22.031
5. Derek Jeter, NYA 20 68 .340 21.470
6. Adam Lind, TOR 39 127 .307 20.807
7. Nick Markakis, BAL 20 113 .299 18.884
8. Kevin Youkalis, BOS 26 98 .304 18.546
9. Ben Zobrist, TBA 29 97 .316 18.507
10.  Aaron Hill, TOR 37 113 .279 18.222
Note: Peva Pro predictions for 2010 based on relationship of PEVA 2009, 3 Year RAVE Progression, AgeTrack Progression, and other factors.  Peva Pro projections do not take into account injury status.

Most Valuable Player Race - National League

Let's start off with how we did last year.  We were wrong.  We picked David Wright with Albert Pujols second.  Albert won the MVP.  Not too bad, especially considering we picked Joe Mauer for MVP in the American League and he won.  And when we say picked, we should say the PEVA projection system picked.  It's mathematic or sabermetric or just numbers projected forward.  And for this season, the numbers say that Prince Fielder will take the crown with a stellar season that just builds on the great campaign of 2009.  We think he'll knock out 47 HR, 155 RBI, and bat 0.288, all tallying up to a PEVA best of 40.166.  But he will have company in the chase for MVP, not the least of which is Padre for now Adrian Gonzazlez.  By the end of the season, Adrian will probably wear another uniform, but a move out of the Grand Canyon of parks in San Diego will only help this chase.  At number three in our predictions is that darn Albert.  He's in this conversation every year and that should come as no surprise.  With Matt Holiday on board for an entire season, it should make Pujol's job that much easier and could be the key to back to back MVP campaigns.  As we go down the list, there are the usual suspects, including the Phillies masher Ryan Howard and the five tool player in Florida, Hanley Ramirez.  But there are those on the come, including teammates Andre Ethier and Matt Kemp in Los Angeles plus Ryan Zimmerman of the Nationals.  It would be hard to believe a National winning the MVP Award this year, but don't be surprised if Ryan puts up numbers that deserve to be in the conversation.

1. Prince Fielder, 1B, MIL - Hard to believe he only be 26 years old at the end of 2010, because this son of a slugger is starting to put up numbers where he deserves mention as one of the best of the age.  Now, Prince is not going to win Mr. Universe with his frame and some say he better get these accolades early because he won't get them late, but that has nothing at all to do with now.  For now, Prince Fielder is our selection as the likely MVP in the National League.

2.  Adrian Gonzalez, 1B, SDN - He won't be calling Petco Park home for long, at least that's what most think, but what Adrian has been doing over the last several years in a park only pitcher's could truly love is amazing.  If he wasn't relegated to Padre land and west coast game times too late for East Coast sleepers, there would be even more clamor to get him to a big market team.  But just think what numbers he'd be putting up in a park like Fenway or Wrigley.  Soon we may see.

3. Albert Pujols, 1B, SLN - It's perennial.  It's a right of spring and summer and fall.  Albert's at the plate and a hit, home run, or RBI will ensue.  An average year by Albert gets him into the MVP conversation. There's so many of these years that we're already talking about the Hall of Fame.

Best of the Rest - Sleeper.  It would be hard for Ryan Braun to surpass Prince Fielder in this race, but not that hard.  Braun has been putting up some great numbers in his first few years in the bigs, and some year, maybe this year, it's going to culminate in an MVP Award.  Considering the fact that Milwaukee could contend for a playoff spot, it's likely going to be a race between he and his teammate for consideration.  We think it will be Fielder, but this would come as no surprise.

Most Valuable Player Race - American League

There are $184 million reasons to think Joe Mauer will have a good season in his new Target Ballpark.  But the others matter more.  The facts that he, as a catcher, has led the league in hitting three times for one.  Now there's more than one horse in this race, particularly if the Twins succumb to the loss of a closer and less wins than most predict. That would bring a couple Yankees back into the conversation in even greater measure, i.e. Mr. Teixeira and Mr. Jeter.  And if the Rays can have a repeat of 2008 and contend for a playoff spot, there's an Evan that might just plop in and win the thing as well.  We think a few new guys will garner some attention.  In Cleveland, there won't be that much to cheer for, but Chin-Shoo Choo is llikely to be one of the few bright spots of the year.  And one of these years you're going to see Nick Markakis put up pretty fine numbers and join the converation for the Baltimore Orioles.

1. Joe Mauer, C, MIN - He won the award last year and has done nothing to make people think he can't do it again.  Add the fact that he's about bound to add bigger power numbers just due to maturity, and you could be seeing one of the best catchers ever to play the game with multiple MVP Awards to his credit.  Wouldn't it be just amazing if a catcher flirted with hitting .400.  If one ever does, it might just be this Joe.

2.  Mark Teixeira, 1B, NYA - With the skill of the lineup surrounding him, there's a roll out of bed and knock in 110 aspect to Mark's upcoming seasons.  And considering that Teixeira is not just a masher, but a Gold Glove type fielder, and there's more than a few who think it will be his year to win the MVP.  And if the Yankees win over 100 games like many think, including us, this could be the season it happens.

3. Evan Longoria, 3B, TBA - Monster numbers have been predicted for Longoria since his minor league days.  They are starting to come true. And we're predicting some nice ones in 36 HR and 121 RBI in 2010.  That should be enough to get him into the MVP chatter.

Best of the Rest - Sleeper.  Well, we actually think the sleeper is not on this list, but a good deal of that depends on whether his team does well, the Detroit Tigers, and whether he cares more, because there's no doubt about the talent.  But we wouldn't be shocked if Miguel Cabrera had an even better breakout year than he's had in the past. And that would put him not only in Top Ten territory (he's just outside it now), but in the talk for MVP status.

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PEVA Shuffle 2009
Preseason Batting
Power Rankings

1. Philadelphia Phillies
2. New York Yankees
3. Los Angeles Dodgers
4. New York Mets
5. St. Louis Cardinals
6. Atlanta Braves
7. Chicago Cubs
8. Boston Red Sox
9. Minnesota Twins
10. Baltimore Orioles
11. Oakland A's
12. Tampa Bay Rays
13. Milwaukee Brewers
14. Houston Astros
15. Cleveland Indians
16. Texas Rangers
17. Detroit Tigers
18. San Diego Padres
19. Florida Marlins
20. Washington Nationals
21. Kansas City Royals
22. Toronto Blue Jays
23. Seattle Mariners
24. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
25. Chicago White Sox
26. San Francisco Giants
27. Pittsburgh Pirates
28. Arizona Diamondbacks
29. Colorado Rockies
30. Cincinnati Reds

PEVA Shuffle 2009
Preseason Pitching
Power Rankings

1. Boston Red Sox
2. New York Yankees
3. New York Mets
4. Toronto Blue Jays
5. Arizona Diamondbacks
6. Cleveland Indians
7. Philadelphia Phillies
8. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
9. Tampa Bay Rays
10. Chicago Cubs
11. San Francisco Giants
12. Chicago White Sox
13. Atlanta Braves
14. Kansas City Royals
15. Los Angeles Dodgers
16. Cincinnati Reds
17. Colorado Rockies
18. Houston Astros
19. Minnesota Twins
20. St. Louis Cardinals
21. Oakland A's
22. Milwaukee Brewers
23. Pittsburgh Pirates
24. Detroit Tigers
25. Washington Nationals
26. Seattle Mariners
27. Florida Marlins
28. San Diego Padres
29. Baltimore Orioles
30. Texas Rangers
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Pitchers 0 1 0 3 0 0 0 1 2 - 7 12 1
Hitters 2 0 0 0 0 3 0 0 2 - 7 12 1
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