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Barry Bonds #2 (1986-2007)

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It's kind of a shame really. But there's no good way to start this explanation of the second best player in
baseball history, from a statistical standpoint, than to put it out front. PED allegations are a part of his story, whether we like it or not. Barry Bonds played in the steroid era. We'll leave it at that. How many, if any of his exploits are enhanced by playing in that time, we don't know. But he played in the era, enough said.  There's no doubt that Barry Bonds was a great player. He had speed, power, defensive ability in his early years with Pittsburgh, and was one of the best players of his time. When Bonds came to the plate, managers shuddered. And they walked him just to avoid the inevitable, "Why did you pitch to him?" questions if the next pitch was deposited in the seats or even the bay. Bonds was a complete player from the start of his career, and by the end of it, had stolen 514 bases, #33 All-Time, to go along with those Home Runs and RBIs.

To get an idea of just how great a player Bonds was in his early years, just take a gander at the last three years he played for the Pirates. 33, 116, 0.301 in 1990 followed by 25, 116, 0.292 in 1991 then 34, 103, 0.311. Bonds was well on his way to a stellar career then. Now just where it would rank if he remained on the path begun in Pittsburgh, it's only speculation. It's doubtful that he becomes a Top Ten player in baseball history, but he'd still rank pretty high. But according to the stats of his entire career, Bonds
ranks as the 2nd best player. Discount the controversial side of the equation as much as you'd like. It's the best we can do at this moment in time. Bonds dominated the era that he played in, at a level that surpassed the others in the same boat. That's what the numbers say.  And no, we don't like it.

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Barry Bonds Career Stats
Year Team Lg HR RBI AVE Age PEVA-B
1986 PIT NL 16 48 0.223 22 5.543
1987 PIT NL 25 59 0.261 23 12.642
1988 PIT NL 24 58 0.283 24 15.439
1989 PIT NL 19 58 0.248 25 14.892
1990 PIT NL 33 114 0.301 26 36.095
1991 PIT NL 25 116 0.292 27 28.310
1992 PIT NL 34 103 0.311 28 35.418
1993 SFN NL 46 123 0.336 29 43.404
1994 SFN NL 37 81 0.312 30 27.257
1995 SFN NL 33 104 0.294 31 30.088
1996 SFN NL 42 129 0.308 32 33.905
1997 SFN NL 40 101 0.291 33 31.253
1998 SFN NL 37 122 0.303 34 27.324
1999 SFN NL 34 83 0.262 35 11.750
2000 SFN NL 49 106 0.306 36 32.041
2001 SFN NL 73 137 0.328 37 55.207
2002 SFN NL 46 110 0.370 38 54.848
2003 SFN NL 45 90 0.341 39 31.974
2004 SFN NL 45 101 0.362 40 48.632
2005 SFN NL 5 10 0.286 41 1.555
2006 SFN NL 26 77 0.270 42 15.305
2007 SFN NL 28 66 0.276 43 13.819
Total 762 1996 0.298 606.700

Note: HOF (Hall of Fame), HOFP - Hall of Fame Player

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Frank Baker
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Photo Credits Top: Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig (Wikipedia Commons); Bottom; Eddie Collins (LOC); Rickey Henderson (Wikipedia Commons); Frank Baker (LOC).

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