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Ruth and Gehrig
Willie Mays #5 (1951-1973)

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It's an indelible impression that over the shoulder catch, one of the most played baseball highlights in baseball history. Boy, just imagine if there were a Sports Center highlights show every night in those days. It's hard to believe Mays struggled when he first came to the majors, because once Willie got his footing on the turf of the Polo Grounds, there was no stopping him. By the age of 23, Mays was knocking out 40 home run seasons and batting 0.345. Beside the comparisons made with Aaron, the streets of New York were having their own debates of spectacular outfielders all within the same city. Who was better? Mays of the Giants.  Snider of the Dodgers. Mantle of the Yankees. Well, for a career, it was Willie, sitting at #5 on the All-Time Best Careers ever by a position player.

Mays had 660 home runs in his career, good enough for 4th place on the career list, and he stole 338 bases. This was the ultimate 5 tool baseball player. He could field, hit, hit for power, run, and throw. Say Hey Willie Mays from the streets of New York City to the San Francisco Bay. Can you imagine waking up after the 1957 season a fan of a player of this caliber and finding out he was now going to play in San Francisco, along with the rest of his team when the migration of teams to the west took both the Giants, Dodgers, and Athletics out of their northeasten homes. But oh those new fans in California were in for a treat. Mays' career waned during the final years as he came back east for a few seasons, and he got some criticism for that. But, boy, that's about the only thing bad you could say about the marvelous player called Mays who made being a baseball fan for two decades from 1951 forward a fantastic journey.

Willie Mays Career Stats
Year Team Lg HR RBI AVE Age PEVA-B
1951 NY1 NL 20 68 0.274 20 8.512
1952 NY1 NL 4 23 0.236 21 1.484
1954 NY1 NL 41 110 0.345 23 33.994
1955 NY1 NL 51 127 0.319 24 39.404
1956 NY1 NL 36 84 0.296 25 19.264
1957 NY1 NL 35 97 0.333 26 29.482
1958 SFN NL 29 96 0.347 27 36.606
1959 SFN NL 34 104 0.313 28 29.575
1960 SFN NL 29 103 0.319 29 38.898
1961 SFN NL 40 123 0.308 30 27.605
1962 SFN NL 49 141 0.304 31 40.947
1963 SFN NL 38 103 0.314 32 34.477
1964 SFN NL 47 111 0.296 33 36.258
1965 SFN NL 52 112 0.317 34 43.109
1966 SFN NL 37 103 0.288 35 24.388
1967 SFN NL 22 70 0.263 36 11.108
1968 SFN NL 23 79 0.289 37 22.259
1969 SFN NL 13 58 0.283 38 7.176
1970 SFN NL 28 83 0.291 39 15.837
1971 SFN NL 18 61 0.271 40 14.789
1972 SFN NL 0 3 0.184 41 4.898
1972 NYN NL 8 19 0.267 41
1973 NYN NL 6 25 0.211 42 0.927
Total 660 1903 0.302 520.998

Note: HOF (Hall of Fame), HOFP - Hall of Fame Player

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Frank Baker
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Photo Credits Top: Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig (Wikipedia Commons); Bottom; Eddie Collins (LOC); Rickey Henderson (Wikipedia Commons); Frank Baker (LOC).

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