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Ruth and Gehrig
Hank Aaron #4 (1954-1976)

From Stat Geek Baseball's, the Best Ever Book

Who was better, Aaron or Mays? Now that's a debate that's been going round and round since they both
took their first swings in the early 1950s. Yes, Mays was the more flashy player, patrolling the outfields of the Polo Grounds and Candlestick Park like a graceful football player with a fantastic glove. But Aaron was the more consistent, never deviating from his steady man, stat producing season batter from Milwaukee to Atlanta as the Braves traversed the nation. So it becomes a little ironic that the two men who were so compared to each other during their career should sit right next to each other in the Best Ever rankings, with this time Hank taking a higher spot at #4. And they were only 15 PEVA points apart.

When Hank Aaron hit the Home Run that bested the record of Ruth, it was national news, and news that even surpassed the game itself. For most fans of baseball, Hank Aaron not only has the record for most Runs Batted In All-Time, actually the better record if you think about, but he still has the Home Run Record. And whether that record ever gets an asterick next to it post steroid ball days or not, the point is likely moot to most. Aaron slugged his way into the record books on pure guts and determination and it was a pleasure to watch both.

Hank was not the most selective hitter, which might account for the reason his ranking isn't a notch or two higher. He was productive and durable. In the end, that's what a team wants, someone to be counted on, day after day after day, to help win games. That's certainly what Aaron was all about from Milwaukee to Atlanta to Cooperstown.

Hank Aaron Career Stats
Year Team Lg HR RBI AVE Age PEVA-B
1954 ML1 NL 13 69 0.280 20 6.510
1955 ML1 NL 27 106 0.314 21 19.849
1956 ML1 NL 26 92 0.328 22 19.663
1957 ML1 NL 44 132 0.322 23 29.093
1958 ML1 NL 30 95 0.326 24 28.666
1959 ML1 NL 39 123 0.355 25 41.920
1960 ML1 NL 40 126 0.292 26 33.522
1961 ML1 NL 34 120 0.327 27 27.731
1962 ML1 NL 45 128 0.323 28 37.264
1963 ML1 NL 44 130 0.319 29 40.268
1964 ML1 NL 24 95 0.328 30 24.270
1965 ML1 NL 32 89 0.318 31 28.502
1966 ATL NL 44 127 0.279 32 27.049
1967 ATL NL 39 109 0.307 33 32.133
1968 ATL NL 29 86 0.287 34 27.112
1969 ATL NL 44 97 0.300 35 25.597
1970 ATL NL 38 118 0.298 36 19.248
1971 ATL NL 47 118 0.327 37 27.080
1972 ATL NL 34 77 0.265 38 12.901
1973 ATL NL 40 96 0.301 39 15.849
1974 ATL NL 20 69 0.268 40 5.635
1975 ML4 AL 12 60 0.234 41 4.436
1976 ML4 AL 10 35 0.229 42 1.510
Total 755 2297 0.305 535.808

Note: HOF (Hall of Fame), HOFP - Hall of Fame Player

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Frank Baker
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Photo Credits Top: Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig (Wikipedia Commons); Bottom; Eddie Collins (LOC); Rickey Henderson (Wikipedia Commons); Frank Baker (LOC).

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